Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mixed Media Junk Necklaces

Was to busy relaxing the whole day. :D Only did some crafting in the afternoon. :)

My home is full of vintage accessories and retro junk, old treasures, little bits and pieces that we don't use anymore, but never sampai hati to throw away because of the thought that they'll come in handy one day or we might want to use them again.

I was going through my 'never-worn' and spoiled accesories, stashed away in several boxes in several places. I decided to make some use of them. :)

{Click on the images to view the respective listing on Etsy}

Rainbow Funky Fun Junk Necklace

Description on Etsy :

My first ever necklace using mixed media. I LOVE it. :D Necklace is of old brown leather tied together in a knot. Easily slips over any head. Not too long, the whole schwagg will be right on your chest. :) An acrylic purple star and a acrylic beige scottie... flanking a long Asian-themed beaded center-piece with added ruby red twist silver foil infused bead and perky lime yarn. Natural wooden beads reside on the right while the left is decorated with a 1.25inch pin-back button badge and a silky blue ribbon. Adding specialty and beauty to the whole piece is a vintage silver chain, with little fish dangling from it. Truly a one-of-a-kind piece for the fun-loving person in you. :)

The Supa Ultimat Kawaii Necklace

Description on Etsy :

This is the kawaii-est thing ever!The black leather chord necklace was actually a free gift from a purchase a few years ago. It was never worn because it couldn't fit through my head. >.< The San-X Nyanko dangle is brand new, and is actually a handphone accessory. The hexagon is battery-operated, and when your mobile phone is near it, it will light up when you get a call or message, or when you make a call or send a message. The dangle is attached to the necklace by a lobster clasp, so it can be easily removed if you want to hang it elsewhere. :) The chubby teddy was an old toy, also on a mobile phone accessory I'd used a few years back. The metal clasp attached to it has gotten rusty, so I took off the bear to incorporate in this piece. :) One of a kind attention-getter. :D

I'm going to love the rest of hols. :)


lynnx01 said...

Wah! I'm so jealous... can't wait for my hols

Sing Yee said...

Heh... :)

priscilla said...

I adore mixed media junk necklaces/bracelets...always been tempted to make one myself. >w<
Yours are cute - I especially love the tiny little beige dog. :)