Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Korean Pop Music Bliss + Red Heart + Gigantic Chocoberry Cake Plush

Collected my order today from the post office, finally! Been waiting for it since about 2 weeks ago, wondering if the package's stolen or had gotten lost. I asked for the order to be shipped to Sarawak instead of the usual KL address, so maybe the delivery's a little slower than usual.

Yesasia's having promotions on selected items. I took advantage of discounts on Korean music products, which went for 30% off. The offer is still on! And what's more, free shipping is provided for all music products! Purchase over US$50 in a single order, and get a US$5 coupon each for both yesasia and yesstyle!

Hoho... Mum asked me, " Why you buy so many CDs? You know a not, CDs will be outdated in a few years. Look what happened to cassettes?" Haiyo.... I just like to keep an original hard copy of songs I like mah. :P Plus, I don't think CDs will go outdated that fast. Maybe in a few decades? By then, I'd have listened to my entire collection to boredom. ^o^

Last night, I made a little red heart-shaped felt pillow. It's meant for my brother's wedding for putting the rings. :) Mum suggested that I make one, because a store-bought ring-bearer's pillow costs at least RM20. -_-" And then when she saw this pillow, she commented that it's too plain. I said the simpler the better. :P Such a striking colour is best left on its own to work the magic.

{ }

The past few days, a large cake plush was in the making. It was actually an alternative I made to what an Etsy customer wanted. I've run out of yellow felt, so I substituted it with chocolate brown felt. The customer prefer whites and creams and pinks unfortunately. T-T

{ Chocoberry Cake Plush ♥ }

{ Woohoo~ Strawberries and cream! ♥ }

{ Added knitted lace around the sides. I kinda like how it looks. :) }

And sis wanted to take photos with it again.

{ Chocoberry Cake Plush cam-whore :D }

Will be putting it up for sale on Etsy soon. :)

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