Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sakae Sushi~

Yup. We went to Bangsar Village to get some sushi yesterday. :P Not because there's some special sushi there la. Just thought of the place, since I haven't been there before that. :)

{ yokie ~ Japanese pizza + chicken katsu }

First time eating at Sakae Sushi. Ooh.... And first time I see can order use computer one... XD So canggih. :D Previously, I've seen computer-orderings la, but done by the waiter/waitresses of the restaurant/cafe. Now the customer sendiri order use the computer. :D

The bonito flakes on the pizza actually MOVE. :o I was like a person-out-of-kampung - kept 'EEEEE!!!"-ing at the thing. -_-" I think Yokie was a bit irritated... ^o^

{ California temaki + tako yaki *yum!* + soft shell crab crepe*YUM!* + kakiage }

The fried veges (kakiage) so cheap. Threw away my careful watching of diet for the past weeks and stuffed my self with these yummy fat-laden crispy morsels.

{ Soft shell crab + salmon nigiri + roe sushi + soft shell crab makimono }

The fried soft shell crab really hit the spot. Deprived of anything fried these days, a bite of it nearly made me faint on the spot from ecstasy. Salmon nigiri and the roe sushi I didn't touch. I prefer my food well cooked and generously seasoned, thank you. :P

I think we ate too little, though by the last plate, we were already stuffed to the max. ^-^" To little, in the sense that tried too few dishes. I'll definitely go back for more. :P

That aside, I found out about this online boutique that sells chic wear. :) Check it out!

Oh, and I've meant to introduce this a long time ago. ^-^" Our BPharm senior (really senior - first batch student) had started a health blog, which he updates almost every day. The content is relevant for public read, and each article is well documented with reliable reference. Some articles site interesting studies, such as dementia prevention using statins and shrinking tumours with vitamin C.

Get your daily dose of health updates via Alan's Health Blog! :D


Milkberry said...

Japanese pizza... is okonomiyaki right? Euww I hate those moving wood thingies (the bonito or katsou dashi or whatever it's called). Geli okay. I don't eat those. Ever.

Oooo over here we don't have computers to order. But we have buzzers. It's really nice coz they'll seat us and then give us the menu then they leave. So after we choose what to eat we just push the buzzer and a waiter will come to serve us. Privacy to the max! Plus it's efficient as well.

Sing Yee said...

Hehe.... :D Yup, it's okonomiyaki! I think those moving shavings are quite yummy actually. :P Didn't know they move before this. I love them on my takoyaki and everything else! XD

The computer-order thingy was quite efficient. Once we submitted out order, the food came in less than 10 minutes. :) Yeah, the privacy is definitely a plus!