Saturday, August 30, 2008

Buyer's Remorse?

Buying things online has always given me that thrill and satisfaction. But not all my shopping experiences have been smooth.

I've experienced non-received items twice, and on both occasions, I bought from livejournal users. I must have lost a total of UD$50. Then, I wasn't aware that I could open a dispute with the seller on Paypal. Should I have known it, I might have been able to get back that $50. This is unarguably a blunder on my part.

This brings me to think about all the kawaii I've bought over time. I'm beginning to have some buyer's remorse, because my recent craze for tokidoki is still very fresh and is getting increasingly overwhelming. I'm constantly having these thoughts; if only I hadn't bought this or that, I'll have more than enough funds to buy two more tokidoki bags! But then again, there's no guarantee in the years to come that I would not have buyer's remorse over the current tokidokis I have!

Even with so many material wants, I'm determined not to resort to Debt consolidation when I start working. Money is useful, but it should never become our master. But if you find yourself in a tight financial situation, perhaps you may want to refer to established sources for Debt help and Debt relief.


Strive to live debt free!

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