Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Community Pharmacy Attachment + Starbucks Mooncakes

*Flops onto chair* Oh... I'm so SO tired the past two days.
I had my attachment at a Guardian Pharmacy. The attachment was set for us students to go in pairs.

Monday morning, at 7.30am, took the train with KK to Masjid Jamek. Got a shock when we arrived at the Putra terminal. The place was jam-packed and there were two queue lines at each of the train entrance. @-@ First time taking the train at this hour mah. So, we queued at the furthest line at one end, just to have the train pass us by 7 times. All the people lining up in front of us got into the train, only sampai our turn - that took 7 trains. @.@ Imagine our wait.

Luckily, we arrived on time at 9am at The Great Eastern mall, off Jalan Ampang. Headed straight to the pharmacy.

We were introduced to the pharmacist/store manager, Ms. Chin. She's not super nice, but instead her professionalism, knowledge, experience, dedication to her profession and leadership earned our respect and awe instantly. And she's really sharp in noticing whether we truly understand something she said. *sweats* But once we got to know her, we found out that she's got a subtle sense of humour. :)

During our journey that morning, I was saying to KK that I would never consider the community setting for my work in the future. Sure very hectic de! Somemore, who wants to be selling medicines? *ppffffttt* I'd rather a cozy little shop selling zakka, handmade and etsy-style pretties any time.

After a day of listening to Ms. Chin's sharing and witnessing communication between her and the customers, I may have to eat my own words. ^-^" The community pharmacy is indeed a challeging setting. Yet, to be able to meet and talk to so many people present a satisfaction not unlike one of savouring Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence after a month of abstinence from anything chocolate. bad analogy, but I can't think of a better one at the mo...

By the end of the first day, I was having these thoughts - I want to be like Ms. Chin! I want to know every medicinal product's name, active ingredient, use and how-to's! I want to be as professional as her!

Woah. A wonder, the power of influence one may have on another.

I'm very certain who my role model is now. :P

Yesterday, we went to Starbucks to get a slice of cheesecake for Ms. Chin, as an appreciation gift. I saw mooncakes! Ooh... Starbucks makes mooncakes meh?

{ Yes, they do! Lame monologue, I know... }

{ ♥ Berries Cheese ♥ Tiramisu ♥ }

Costed a bomb. I can almost hear my sis yelling at me - You can buy dis la? I cannot buy L'Oreal mascara lah!!?? she bought it anyway...

But I wanted to try ma. *bleh* Didn't know there were actually 4 flavours, until I read the leaflet insert when I got home. The other two is Green Tea Chocolate and Hazelnut Latte. Would have gotten all 4 if I knew earlier. But then, I only saw the cheese and tiramisu ones on display. *shrugs*

{ Can you taste the yumminess? Taunting you~ }

I like Berries Cheese. :) There's a distinctly pleasant hint of berries, and a sweet milky cheesy flair. Mmm.... As for Tiramisu, I don't know what to say. I don't quite like it. :( Coffee all the way, with a cheesy center. Not my cup of coffee thank you.

Big Bang keluar 3rd mini album liao!!! I waaaaaannnnt!!!!!!!

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