Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hah.... I'm happy today~ Much love to my friends, who made this day a joyful one. :) As always, I really feel I don't deserve such attention and love. I can be a really monotonous person at times, and so quiet that you won't notice I'm there. I hope to cheer up and become a better friend from now onwards... ♥

{ yokie ♥ Farah the pink girl ♥ Jui Jien ♥ }

They surprised me, with mini cupcakes from Wondermilk! :D

{ ♥ }

Thanks girls~! :)


Currently, I'm trying to hold myself in one piece. We're having a class test tomorrow - CNS (Central Nervous System). This module is the paling crazy mia. No words to describe the heaviness of it. T-T In spite of that, I can't seem to gather enough motivation to really concentrate and churn information into my brain. It's not because today's my birthday. The motivation-less-ness started days ago ady. Can't seem to gear myself up. T-T

This situation is a far cry from what I went through during the first 2 semesters. I started studying 2 weeks ahead of each class test, and made sure I have every scrap of fact imrpinted in my brain before I go for a class test.

Can't find that determination now. Am I aging? I mean, real fast aging? Are my brain cells dying from information overload?

Silly question, seeing that I'm studying CNS.



Aneesah said...

Happy 22nd birthday!! :D Kekeke, maybe learning the subject will help you figure out why it's hard to learn the subject. ^^; Weird cycle, huh?

And maybe your friends appreciate the quietness and how you are. :) It's not fun to have EVERYBODY to be outgoing and loud at the same time, kan? ^^

Sing Yee said...

Thanks! :)

Hmmm... I hope it's like that la... :P

mimi said...

sorry girl..didnt come yesterday...

from tuan chin

Sing Yee said...

Ohoho... Nebermine. :P We were all sweating over CNS ma... :P

Thanks for the jelly 'decoration'! :D I haven't tried it though. :P Will do so tomorrow - for dessert after lunch! :D