Friday, August 15, 2008

Of Candylands, Octopi and Blue Birds

Ok... I feel I owe you all an explanation. T-T You must be wondering what the hell I was thinking, putting up posts on automobiles and number plates. T-T I started this blog, with a principal; which was to try not to post anything other than kawaii, handmades and crafts. Recently, the draw of the material world somewhat wavered the determination to keep to that initial principal. T-T I was quite happy to find some sponsored posts to keep the money coming in. And then an offer from an advertiser. Temptation won me over. T-T

After this, I hope to steel myself and not fall for such lures again. T-T From now on, you may safely anticipate full blasts of kitsch, chic, frou and kawaii!

{ 10% off everything till August 19th!!! }

As announced in the previous post, the shop is having a 10% off everything sale. :) I've listed a few new items. Have a look and get yourself some well-deserved candy. :P

To make up for the past few boring posts, here are some Etsy goodies for your eyes to feast on.

I'm fascinated by the awesome octopus and squid accessories found on Etsy. :P Been wanting an octopus necklace all along. :P

This set of blue bird jewelry really makes me drool. Beautiful, no?


Before going for this afternoon's class, let me share with you some new words I learnt this week :


Ke-len-tong *this is not new, but re-newed*

Oh-chi-ba-lah *this is not new either - just recalled it*

Thank you, Mr Cheah, for enriching my vocabulary with such colourful words. XD

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