Saturday, August 30, 2008

Are your finances under control?

I've taken the Bills IQ test. My score is 93% A. This quiz is actually not relevant for me because I'm still studying, and I have not started work. So what I did was to select answers that I would like to follow in the future.

Have you started any Debt consolidation? It means paying off all your existing loans and debts with a new loan. If so, you are in need of Debt relief and Debt help.

On BillsIQ, there are questions about saving for each month. My ideal call would be about 10% or more. This may seem a bit too idealistic, but if I reduce my retail expenditures on unneccessary items, I might be able to acheive that.

Managing one's finances should start from young, as my dad had taught us. From little details such as setting a budget for one's monthly expenses and keeping records of expenditures, one will be able to set a clear picture of one's finance management and do some positive changes if required. Practice of good bill management is also important. Up to date, I confess I've delayed my rental and bill payments for our appartment a few times. It's not because of shortage. It is due to my hectic schedule that I forgot to pay on time. Not only did this make me feel irresponsible when I realized it, it should never become a habit.

So, take the quiz and find out about more about your personal financial control.

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