Sunday, August 24, 2008

JSR #.... (I Lost Count)...Bourbon Alfort Mini Caramel

Price : RM5

Weight : 67g (12 pieces)

Found : Erm... *can't remember the name* some grocer at Bangsar Village

{ No Engrish here. This is perfect English. :) }

{ Yes, this is the actual colour of the chocolate. }

Each piece is an assembly of milk chocolate and a wheaty biscuit underneath. The colour of the chocolate is very light - made me wonder if it is actually chocolate, or a something-like-chocolate with some brown colouring added in insufficient amounts. But the label stated 'cocoa mass' and 'cocoa powder'. *shrugs*

The taste was ok. Nothing to shout about. ^-^" Will not buy again if it's more than RM5. ^0^

Oh... You might remember my claim in a post some time ago, to not take anymore sponsored posts.

*prepares self for the outburst from readers*

Erm.... This material world contains too many temptations.... ^-^"

Well, I hope to at least compensate for that, with more frequent postings of kawaii and Japanese related stuff. I hope la.

Hmm... These few days asyik rain only. Makes me glum. Cannot go jogging. If go also I'll pose myself to the risk of slipping in mid-jog and breaking my back *or bruising my butt*. Even branded running shoes cannot withstand the rain-slick tracks covered in healthy green moss. T-T

Tomorrow, I'll be going for my attachment at a community pharmacy. I'm super unprepared for it. I have a bad feeling I'm going to mess up everything - lousy communication skills, apprehensive eye contact, most of the time sending wrong body signals *erm... like hostility and such*, words stumbling over one another when I open my mouth, static brain function in the presence of any medical discussion *which is why I'm passive in PBLs, driving my PBL mates crazy*.

Nevertheless, I'll try my best.

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