Monday, August 11, 2008

More tokidoki + The Cloudy Parade

Ok... So almost one week already no updates. T-T Oh... I was occupied... with stupid Pharmaceutics. T-T What's the point of hafaling the stupid Production and Process Control? *pfffttt* I mean, it's something we should practise la, come on. Why bully our brains into hafaling the stupid thing? *sheeeeesh*

Despite the gloom of forthcoming weeks; with a class test each to get us all grumpeh, irritated, stressed and depressed *yes, depressed*, I only have one thing on my mind now.

tokidoki. TOKIDOKI~~!!!!!!

The more I see, the more I want. Human nature. T-T Can never get enough one. *Bleh~*

Currently, I'm eyeing these watches :

{ tokidoki Blue Latte Watch - pics from and listing found here }

{ tokidoki Red Momo Watch - pics from and listing found here }

I was practically drooling over the all-over straps. Typical tokidoki print all over the straps. *I waaaant*

Well, there are actually tons of tokidoki stuff I want. ^-^"

{ Most wanted : Carnival Carezza, all-over shirts. The others, if you gimme, I will adore you forever. XD}

I mentioned a new line of bags by tokidoki in my previous post. This pic is too kawaii to pass, I just have to put it up here :

{ tokidoki Carnival - pic from }

It's really painful, to be dry of $$ at the moment. T-T Accumulating $$ has almost become an addiction. All I can think of these days is how to draw people to buy stuff from my Etsy shop. T-T At the moment, the shop is almost non-existent; I'm not promoting enough in forums and such so I guess there's not much traffic. To make being noticed more difficult, Etsy is sprouting more and more competition. T-T Argh....

In times like this, I wish to have one of these to wear :

Etsy has never failed to delight me. :P These necklaces are the kitsch-iest things you can find to go with your outfit. At $10-$20 each, they're quite worth the buy considering the amount of head-turnings you'll get when you don on one. :P

So, with a determination to make some sales but without a marketing strategy in mind T-T, I'm going to make some updates to my Etsy shop. This set of clouds will be listed. :)

{ The Cloudy Parade }

Made this during the last days of Sem 4 hols. It's actually a necklace - deep blue satin ribbon tied into a little bow, with a glass pebble/polymer clay charm dangling, and 4 felt cloud pin brooches pinned. It's the versatility of the pins that I like - take them off by all means, and have them up on your shirt or bags. :)

{ ♥ The Cloudy Parade ♥ }

{ Close-up of the charm - The surface is super smooth and shiny :D }


I'm super hating Sem 5. T-T No interest in any of the subjects. Especially Radiopharmacy. Particularly Radiopharmacy. Makes me puke each time I hear 'Radiopharmacy'. Like Tuan Chin said very accurately, 'xian ou' when she look at Applied Biopharmaceutics II. -_-"

Nuff said.

But the stoopeed Radiopharmacy project is really stoopeed la.


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