Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lil Sis + Patrick

Spent the weekend with my parents again. :) This is probably the last time I'll be walking around a shopping mall in KL with my lil sis. T-T She kena the TESL scholarship and is back *by the time I get this post up* in Sarawak to do the course. I'm so missing her already. T-T

{ The one person with whom I can be myself and who makes me laugh 24/7 }

Saturday morning, before heading for my sis's place with my mum, I had buffet breakfast at the hotel. I had it the last time, and was amazed by the spread they offered. I just had to have it again. :P

*I can never take good pics of food in their proper places T-T*

{ Just a portion of what I ate. :D The dim-sum sucks though *bwuerghhh* I didn't have it the last time, and thought I'd try it this time. *bwuerghhh*}

{ Lots of people were there, particularly Saudi Arabians. And you know why. :P }

So, after that, we went and helped the sis do some last cleaning up and packing.

I was overjoyed to see Patrick again. :P

{ This is Patrick. He is HUGE. And soft. And cuddly. And squeezabuhls. :D }

{ I like to plop onto his tummy~ }

I wanted to take a video of Patrick *though goodness knows what there is to take a video of -_-"*. But the session was repeatedly interrupted by the sis. -_-" Witness it yourself :

{ My mum was like What the hell la? Dis two girls memang siau. }

Then we walked around the Pyramid for a bit. Nothing much to relate here, just that we visited inQbox there. It was very small. The walls were exactly as I imagined - lined with square white open boxes like pigeon holes. And the things displayed, many of them were not handmade. :( A large portion looked like those cheap, can-get-anywhere accessories. :( I was a bit disappointed. But nevertheless, I'll still make a visit to the one in 1U. Hopefully, it'll be better than this. :(

{ Great view out of the hotel window... }

Had a camwhoring session with Patrick. He's very photogenic de. :D

{ ♥ I lub biu Patrick! ♥ :P Why I mata juling de... -__-"}

Then, we went for dinner, at Italiannies. :P Recommended it to my parents. :P My sis didn't join us because her friends wanted to eat the last dinner together with her. So, the 3 of us, with our small appetites, ordered 2 main dishes and 2 desserts only lah.

{ Carbonara + Pan Fried Fish and Angel Hair + Tiramisu + Creme Brulee }

Everything tasted great, except the pan fried fish dish. T-T The angel hair got no taste one, but the fish ok ok la. Carbonara was simply mm-mm. :D And the Creme Brulee *gasp* was totally awesome! :D The best custardy thing I've ever tasted! It just melted in the mouth....

Even with so few dishes, we couldn't finish them. T-T If I hadn't had my sis's hazelnut and chocolate cream pie that afternoon, I might be able to sapu the baki.

Well, after dinner, had another camwhoring session with Patrick.

{ Heesh sho cute~! ♥ ♥ ♥ }

And the camwhoring became more teruk. -_-"

{ Choo~♥ }

Love ya sis. Gonna miss you lots. *sobs*

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