Monday, August 4, 2008

tokidoki Ciao Ciao Trasporto~!!!!!


Finally my tokidoki Ciao Ciao Trasporto has arrived safely! I bought this from eBay seller fashiondefinition together with the Ciao Vacanze. The smaller bag reached faster, within one week of purchasing, because the seller shipped by express mail. This bag arrived almost one month after the purchasing date. T-T

I'd even opened a Paypal dispute with this seller. We were at the point of processing the Final Value Fee, from which she will get funds to pay me for 'non-received item'. Luckily, the bag arrived before the process was completed. :) Otherwise, there'd be more transactions to go through; return the bag or return the refund.

So, on to the bag. It's seriously H-U-G-E. A bit bulky to wear, but still, I LOVE the print! Got so many characters... ♥

{ Mah 2nd bebeh~♥ }

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

{ Closeup of characters }

tokidoki is launching new bags with new prints!!! The new line of bags will be produced by the same manufacturer as LeSportsac's, just not under the brand. It's tokidoki as a brand by itself. :D There's a whole range of new styles for the bags.

{ Found on tokidoki freeforums }

Picture above is of bags with the Carnival print. It's totally cute! So sayang they don't make Ciao of Ciao Ciao like messenger bags anymore. T-T If I can, I'm gonna get me a Carezza. :P

For more info on tokidoki and its products, Tokidoki Blog and tokidokizens are two good blogs to have a look at. :)


mimi said...

all toki toki...
i want i want.

From tuan chin

willynillywaterlily said...

Thank you for visiting! I LOVE Tokidoki! Your bag is so adorable!