Monday, July 14, 2008

JSR #24 Meiji Esseru Super Cup Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream + TOKIDOKI CIAO VACANZE!!!

So, today's PBL was ok ok. I went home as usual during lunch break. Had a small tub of Meiji's Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert. I think it's more like vanilla aero ice cream. It's very light, a bit like sorbet.

Price : RM6 each

Content : 200ml each tub

Found : Isetan KLCC

{ Almost half gone from the vanilla due to the journey it went through coming back home from KLCC. T-T I didn't know there were no inner coverings under the top lid. ^-^" }

Ok. So the main thing of this post.

The thing I'm dying to show you. :P

My tokidoki Ciao Vacanze hath finally arrivede! :D

I bought it from eBay seller; cozy-little-shop. The shop was listed under 'Real tokidoki Sellers' on the tokidoki Blog. On eBay at the time, the bag was the only one of its kind : a Vacanze Ciao.

I actually wanted a Vancanze Ciao Ciao (the larger messenger bag), and there was one on eBay, also by a 'real tokidoki seller'. The price is US$299, plus $28 shipping, with no insurance available. I really wanted the Ciao Ciao, but it just didn't feel right to purchase something so expensive without insuring it.

I got this Ciao for $179 + $30 shipping, insurance included. Blatantly, it's damn expensive, because the normal retail price is $120. T-T But the desire to have it was too much that it clouded any rationale to scout and wait for reasonable listings.

{ ♥ Mah bebeh~ ♥ }

{ ♥ Don't ya just lurve the print? :D ♥ }

I couldn't believe I finally got one of these. :P I really would have regretted if I hadn't got this and it bought by someone else. ^-^" The shipping was super the fast one. The seller shipped out last Tuesday, and I got it the following Monday, which is today. Maklumlah, shipping was by 'Global Express', which takes 3 to 5 days, as described in the item listing.

{ Authentication : tokidoki for Lesportsac black fabric label sewn in silver thread + random rainbow zipper + engraved 'riri' beneath zipper head + item identification number (9507 - Ciao) }

There is another important detail to take note of. Authentic tokidoki bags have a 'Made in China' tag sewn to the inside of the bag. I forgot to take a photo of that. And also, there's a black and white stretch cord with a metal carabiner attached. And, the shoulder strap usually has 'LeSportsac' on it, and the strap itself has a sheen, like a car seat-belt. Here's another great guide to buying tokidoki for Lesportsac bags on eBay.

{ Tokidoki ADIOS keychain, which came with the bag }

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

I'm hyper-ized just looking at the bag. :P It's definitely worth the $$. The feel of the bag is simply good. It has the weight of luxury, and it fits to the body like a second skin. :P The later phrase should be for apparel right? But the bag just gives me the feeling. :D

Next targets : Inferno and Paradiso! It's waaay past their release time already. T-T And I've to stock up my Paypal. I'm currently broke. T-T


La Alicia said...

it's reay cute! good bag choice!

Ciyou said...

Finally manage to get on a new bag?? Thats great.

Authentic bags are just beautiful, can't compare with those fake ones. And might last you for a life time

Sing Yee said...

la alicia, thanks! I'm really happy with it. :P

ciyou, hey... :P Haha... I'm sho hapi to get it! :D Hopefully, it'll last me a lifetime lo... :P The only thing I'm worried of is later if get dirty how to clean. :P

lynnx01 said...

That's my sis's dream bag. Too expensive for my budget to get her one.. hehe

Sew Bettie said...

I love the inside of that bag.

Sing Yee said...

lynnx01, :D Nothing is too expensive if a person is blinded by the thing he/she wants. T-T Get something for yourself too once in a while. :) Although I don't doubt you do treat yourself sometimes. :P

bettie, the insides are a grey in colour. Not catchy, but suitable for everyday wear. :) The lining I like most is Paradiso's, which is a yellowish lime-green. :)

kirin said...

I've never shopped at ebay, but that looks fun!

Tokidoki...that means "sometimes" or "once in a while" in Japanese.
Does that have something to do with the shop concept, or is it just a coincidence and is from other language...?

Sing Yee said...

'Tokidoki' is actually a brand designed by Simone Legno, an Italian, if I'm not mistaken. He did mean 'Tokidoki' to mean 'sometimes'. :)

Shais said...


nice bag.