Monday, July 21, 2008

DBSK (TVXQ) + Tae Yang + Aoyama Thelma = Super Music BLAST

I spent the last weekend with my sis at her place in Bandar Sunway. :P Had a blast of a time. :P The only thing that spoiled the stay was my forgetting to bring the cam. T-T My sis didn't have one. T-T Only her phone cam. T-T

We did oh so many things. Um.... I should say 'we ATE oh so many things'. ^-^"

One of them was Italiannies at The Gardens. I brought her there, having read very good reviews on it on several food blogs. Sien.... Didn't get to take pics... T-T Ah... Anyway, we ordered the Salmon Fettucine and Lasagna a la what-what la... (can't remember the name ^-^"). The portion super big mia lo. The Salmon Fettucine is a dish to die for. Seriously. Delicious, superlicious, fantasticalicious! Super creamy, super yummy, super mm-mm! Lasagna was ok ok la.... I think too much meat dy inside. ^-^"

Next time we should try Pasta de Gohan. :P

So, anyways, my lil sis tried to convince me to 'change' my outlook a bit. T-T She's your typical citygirl - cute and pretty, well-carried, and with a fun personality. So, she brought me to buy a pair of silver hoops. She lost one side of hers, and wanted a new pair. Hence the dragging of her older sis into this. T-T

I think hoops look great on girls - albeit they dress to suit the look. :)

So, I chin-chai tried a pair also la.

{ Er... The mirror have seen better days. -_-" }

{ Can't really see the hoops right? -_-" But they're really shiny. :P And pretend you don't see my fat arm. T-T}

Today, I received my order from Very happy liao! :D Bought DBSK's first 3 albums. The 3rd one was a re-packaged edition. :)

{ 1st Vol. Triangle + 2nd Vol. Rising Sun + 3rd Vol. Balloons Repackaged }

The repackaged 3rd album a bit special. I really love the design on the box, as well as on the other contents.

{ CD + DVD }

{ Special extras - stack of 30 photo cards ♥ ♥ ♥ }

Then there's Tae Yang's first mini album! He's a member of Big Bang's. No, they're not de-grouped. It's just that his voice is so good that he got to release his own album. :P

Then there's Aoyama Thelma. Absolutely love her song with SoulJa, which I have up on Minipod on the left side-bar. :) Soba Ni Iru Ne. Have listened to almost all the songs now. Absolutely refreshing. :) Love them all!


Ok. Here's a video I just uploaded. :P We bought some stupid toys from Action City in The Gardens Mid Valley. ^-^" My sis really liked the Dancing Calbee Pack. -_-" And couldn't resist the Dancing Pringles Can either. She wants to give the pack to her friend as a birthday present, and asked me to keep this can. It's quite funny, really. :P

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