Monday, July 7, 2008

Mushies + Cakes + Necklaces

Wuah.... Spent the weekend with my parents at Sunway Piramid. Did some serious shopping. :P I've never bought two pairs of shoes in one day, and at the same outlet somemore. T-T Got a pair Pumas and wore it to jogging yesterday. Found out it's better off for casual wear. T-T Should have listened to my Dad when he recommended those thick-soled-but-light-weight running shoes. T-T But I really don't like thick-soled shoes mah. T-T Padan muka lah don't want to listen to old people. XD

I find it hard to concentrate in studies these few days. I mean, from last week already lidat. The amount of PBL work is enough to make me puke. Portfolio still hanging from the first one. I just can't get myself to do what I'm supposed to do. When I tried reading lecture notes, I'd run out of focus on the same slide in just 5 seconds. Reading Marieb is actually easier than going through lecture notes on anatomy and physiology. But that's if I really have the motivation to read lah in the first place. T-T

Collected a small package from uni today. I bought a lot of 100 cellphone straps off ebay two weeks ago.


{ Mushroom Cellphone Straps : One got bell (right) one don't have }

Special Offer for Rakyat Malaysia!

I've listed these two straps on Etsy.

I'm offering you a super saver :

Get these for only RM12 (less than half the price!) if you pay by CIMB or Maybank transfer!

This super saver thingy is partly because there are minor cracks in the mushrooms, due to baking faults. They're baked to perfect hardness though.


{ The Cake Rolls Cellphone Strap }

Again, I've listed this on Etsy.

And again, I'm offering Rakyat Malaysia a super saver.

Get this for only RM12 if you pay by CIMB or Maybank transfer!!! That's less than half-price!

Absolutely no defects on this one. :)


{ Candied Jewel Polymer Clay + Glass Pendant Necklaces }

The ones with red-crosses are not available anymore.

Get one for only RM30! Get the next ones with the same order for RM25!

Offer for payments by CIMB or Maybank transfers.


If you are interested in buying, please leave your email in the comments section, or email me at

Orders will be shipped by registered mail (RM5) for the first 2 items, to both West Malaysia as well as Sabah and S'wak. Subsequent items will contribute additional RM1.


Shop handmade~!

Support indie~!

You won'te be disappointed~!

You'll get addicted~!

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