Monday, August 4, 2008

Key Ingredient the Cooking Website

Since the start of online food websites, cooking has never been more convenient. Gone were the days of looking up a traditional recipe book and flipping through recipe cards. With just a few clicks, it is possible to find a reliable website that holds a collection of good recipes for just about anything, from desserts to single meals. Key Ingredient is one such online portal that holds a library of recipes posted by its members.

Key Ingredients allows users to search for recipes by name, ingredients or tags. It also provides a feature whereby users can browse through the latest recipes posted up onto the site's library. For each recipe posted, other users may rate it, or give comments, which I find useful, as these features serve as feedbacks from those who had tried out the recipe.

One other feature which I find interesting is the Grocery Shopping List. When I see a recipe I'd like to try out, I can add the ingredients needed to the Grocery List, and edit the list by removing any item that I don't need to buy. I can add any number of recipes to the List and the amount for each ingredient involved will be accumulated. To suit my preference, I can rearrange the order of the items on the List, and print it out. Totally handy!

Key Ingredient not only offers an inventory of recipes; it is also a place where cooking enthusiasts meet and make new contacts.

For a hassle-free cooking experience, sign up for free and become a member at Key Ingredient to enjoy all the features available!

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evil lizard said...

Nyao! I checked out the website for myself since im also a obsessive food lover. (though not especially choco-addicted)

The recipes are so simple and easy to follow and the pictures are making me hungrryy T^T