Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet Roses + Interesting Day

{ Some beautiful roses found on Etsy }

Today, I went jogging as usual, after the last class in the afternoon.

I was halfway across the platform on the little hill, when I saw a tabby cat sitting nearby a drain. She was sitting so poised-ly, so I stopped, crouched and initiated a 'meow?'.

The tabby's reaction was; "PSSFFFTT!!!" - complete with teeth-baring. -_-"

Then, she jumped into the drain.

I walked quietly pass the drain, and peeked in to see where she went. And guess what I saw?

A litter of kitties!!! ZOMG. :D There were 3 or 4!!! The tabby was licking and licking each one of them. *dies from too much cuteness* That made my day. :P

After savouring this very cute scene, I continued on. Just to be called by an aunty sitting at the wooden bench of one of the many so-called picnic-sites.

I've seen this aunty quite a few times already at the park. On two occasions, when I jogged pass her, she commented, "Hmm... Slimmed down already ho?" in Mandarin. I just smiled. :P No, I'm still very fat, in case you're wondering. T-T

Today, she called me over and said, "Come, teman me talk for a while". In Mandarin of course. :P

She began by saying that she went for a medical check-up today, and was disconcerted by what the doctor told her. It was about weight issues. She seemed quite worried about her current body weight, and told me about her diet and lifestyle. I suppose it's because I'm quite on the heavy-and-big-sized side, that made her wanted to pour out her thoughts to me.

In turn, I related about my own weight problems. I suppose that was what she needed; someone who understands the difficulties she's facing, and to empathise with her. She even asked me if I took medication for slimming or if I went for any form of counseling. I told her no, and emphasized that medication is not the best solution for weight reduction *ceh... pharmacist in the making ah*. And added that it's good to 'come for walks regularly'.

After some more chatting, we parted, and I continued with my exercise routine.

This unexpected, but not unpleasant encounter made me realise that everyone needs good listeners to their worries. It's not easy to listen and show emphathy at the same time, especially if the listener has not experience similar problems. This, I hope, I'll learn to do better over the years to come. :)


Milkberry said...

Waaa the kittens must be cute! And it's nice of you to walk with the auntie. Since it's a big issue for her, I guess she just wants someone to talk to. Then when I think about it, she must be lonely because she spoke of her quite personal issues with you, the familiar stranger.

Makes me wonder where's her family (okay granted even if the hubby's still with her, hubbies don't really understand these kind of things LOL).

Anyways it was really nice of you! I'm sure that it really made her feel happy!

btw, i started jogging too! twice a week. yeay!

Sing Yee said...

She mentioned her daughters, but not her husband, so I'm not sure. :P But chances are, their still together. :)

I'm just glad that she could let go of her feelings. I guess she's in a terrible mood, because she kept saying, "I'm so frus ah. Frus ah!" XD The 'frus' was really 'frus', as in 'frustrated' in English. :D

Yay! Keep it up with the jogging! :D