Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Onigiri + Kinder Egg Surprise

I don't know why... WHY Blogger won't load with my home connection... Kept trying to access the damn site yesterday, but to no avail. T-T I'm currently using the uni's wireless. Class is due in 15 minute's time.

These few days I'm quite free. In the sense that I don't feel that much pressure as to when there are PBLs and class tests coming up. I managed to finish up a custom order placed looong ago. I'm really thankful that the girl is understanding - she said I could have it done any time. :)

{ Shiotarou + Takuandori = ♥ ♥ ♥ }

{ Oh~! Kawaii leeeeef~! ♥ }

Yesterday, I bought this Kinder egg thingy. RM3.80+ for one. Kinder chocolate has always been my fav, and this edition of kid's chocolate did not disappoint.

{ Yums }

{ Oohhh.... Chocolate~! ♥ }

{ A spoonful of bliss ♥ }

Two scoops and habis already. But the sweetness was a satisfaction. :) The other half of the egg contained some toy. Too kiddy for me *bleh*.

Gotta run. CNS cal in a moment.


Yokie said...

omg the chocolate i wanted to try... Y_y but i could not find the price so i didnt buy. was it good?

Sing Yee said...

Hoho... It was good! :P But the contents too little dy lo... :P

kirin said...

The Onigiri is so cute!
In Japan there are Onigiri cafes here and there that sell various kinds of Onigiri balls, miso soup, and Osozai (Japanese food delicatessen).
Do you know how they can distinguish Onigiris? They put the filling at the top of Onigiri as well as inside of it. It's cute. Which Onigiri is your favorite? My favorite is mentaiko mayonnaise. Have you tasted it before?

Sing Yee said...

:D I've seen different onigiris on kawaii stationery sets before, but not in real life! I think I know what you mean when you say they put different filling on top of the onigiri. If I'm not mistaken, there's sesame seeds, shredded thingies and such right?

Honestly, I haven't tried any onigiris yet, so I can't very much claim my favourite. :P I'm not sure what mentaiko mayonnaise contains, but anything with mayo sounds good to me. :P

kirin said...

Oh, really?
I thought you've already tried Onigiri at some Japanese grocery like Isetan, maybe?
Mentaiko is a cod roe with chili.
So mentaiko mayonnaise is a mixture of above and mayo.
Please try it if you are OK with a little bit of chili taste.
I'm sure you'll like it (^0^)v

Cait said...

Your little crafts are seriously SO cute!