Friday, September 12, 2008

Super Cheap Destash Lots

Haih..... This weekend will be looong one. I'm in no mood to study for the upcoming class test (Management for the Pharmacist). Langsung don't have. T-T I wanna go walk the whole Sunway Pyramid. T-T But I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow. *WAAAAHHH!*

With each day, my obsession with tokidoki is getting stronger. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I've listed up 3 more de-stash lots in my Etsy shop.


Super Kawaii Lot Destash $15

{ Have a look at the detailed descriptions of items HERE }

If this is not a deal, I have no idea what is.


Stationery and Cards Set Destash $13

{ Have a look at it here }

Lot contains brand new cards sets, mostly from The Sampler. I don't use them, so putting them up for sale would serve them better purpose than stashing them away.


And another kawaii lot here for $8. :)


I woke up early this morning to bid on a tokidoki tee. I super the geram because last last minit, 10 seconds to ending of the listing, someone bade $0.50 higher than me. T-T ARGH!!! I really want that tee, and the price is actually quite low compared to what online retailers are selling it for.

{ tokidoki allover tee }

Super sien. T-T

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Ciyou said...

you need to sit until the end of the for the biding...