Sunday, September 7, 2008

Your shopping dreams come true with

Many a time, I watch with longing as listings on eBay pass me by. Usually, there are a few reasons for this, with the most frequent being the seller unwilling to ship to international destinations. Otherwise, shipping charges are so high that it made me wonder if it's really worth buying an item with shipping costing more than the value of the item itself.

After checking out the website, I see hope for international customers to gain access to a wider scope of items in the United States, and purchase them with reasonable shipping charges. Once signed up, I will be assigned a valid US street address to which my purchases will be shipped. I will be notified upon receival of a particular purchase, and given the option to ship the purchase to me or hold it. This means that I can purchase from multiple retailers or individual sellers, have all my purchases accumulated and shipped out to me as one mail. Such consolidation of puchases will definitely save me tons on shipping charges.

As a member of, I'll have complete control over my shipping preference, be it frequency of shipping (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) or speed of delivery (express, air or freight). Such flexibility is definitely a plus.

Other than that, forwards US letters such as statements or checks, as well as magazines and trade journals that are not available internationally. Talk about glabalization. You'll have access to almost every printed material found exclusively in the US.

For more information about MyUs's forwarding services, head over to website.

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