Saturday, September 27, 2008

DecoAlley - Amazingly Sweet Stuff~

Came across this Etsy shop called DecoAlley, selling super yummy contact lens cases. There are other cases too; pill boxes and DS Lite cases. They're decorated with re-ment food, and silicon whipped cream. :9 Each contact lens case is only $12! Nuff said. I'll let the pictures do the talking. :P

{ Cream Pie }

{ Halloween }

{ Lollipop }

{ Ice Cream }

{ Mixed Treats }

Amazing aren't they? :P *Kaw Taw* ~ Sifu of fake food assemble! :D


Stephanie meiyu said...

wow!!! really amazing, are they all from polymer clay?

mimi said...

can eat?
i want i want...
good luck for EOS...

from tuan chin

Sing Yee said...

stephanie, most of the pieces on top like the desserts, bun, donuts, cookies and cakes are Japanese re-ment plastic toys. Some of them are made from polymer clay I guess, like those strawberry and orange slices, and leaves. :)

Tuan Chin, hey~ :D Cannot eat de. :P
Wah... So fast wishm me for EOS ady.... I scared de leh... :P