Monday, September 29, 2008

Sushi Mania + Rainbows

As it is every year, I'm staying back in KL for Raya. A few people wondered *probably doubted* if I actually miss home; why not go back during this one-week holiday? Part of it is because I don't want to spend this whole week relaxing, which I know I'm bound to do once I step into my home in Sibu. ^-^" Even though there are still 5 more weeks to the end-of-semester exams, I just can't let myself into the idle-and-carefree mode at the moment.

Nevertheless, I'm taking the first few days off to clear my brain before I start loading it with contraception, epilepsy, and management of diabetes. T-T These are just a brush of the surface of information we have to equip ourselves for the exams. I can't say I'm familiar with details these topics, although we've had quite a number of workshops and PSD sessions on them. T-T
Well, before plunging myself into studious redundancy, I justified giving myself a break of craftiness. :)

{ Sushi ~ again! ♥ ♥ ♥ }

{ I kind of like the expression on the onigiri :P }

The Extreme Sushi *round one* is bigger than what I usually make, because I can't find the original template, and my jangka lukis rosak ady. So I used a round bottle cap to draw a new one. Which turned out a lot bigger than the original. -_-"

As you can see from the photos, the nori *seaweed* strip on the Tamago *egg* can be snapped on and taken off. It's fastenend with a snap-on button. I've made slices of a salmon and tuna for the set. :P Actually wanted to make the rice as well as the nori strip for each, but I was too lazy. ^-^"

{ Tofu pouch with rice ball ~ }

If I'm not mistaken, the tofu pouch sushi is called the Inari-zushi. This is actually one of my favouritest sushi. :P I just love the sweetness of the tofu. :9 *mmm...* Here, I tried to imitate the real thing by making the rice ball and tofu pouch seperately. The rice can be stuffed into the pouch. Kawaii ne? :D

{ A closer look ~ These are attached with loops so that they can hang as charms }

{ Kawaii desu ne? ♥ ♥ ♥ }

Currently, the set is sitting in a clear plastic case, which initially held 4 mini cupcakes from Wondermilk. :) The case looks really cute, with its perfect squarish proportions.

{ All a-snuggles in the teenee box ♥ }

{ Ah... A perfect fit! }

Speaking of sushi, you should try this very cute game called Sushi Go Round. :P It's fun, but it gives me tachycardia and sore fingers with each increasing level. ^-^"

{ Wuv yoooo ~ ♥ }

That aside, I spent a little time assembling some rainbow patches made during last semester break into a necklace. ^-^" I'm never tired of the rainbow-concept. ^-^"

{ Long rainbow neckace }

{ Juicy colours make me hyper ~ }

Phew... That was an image-heavy post, no? Its been ages since I last posted about something I made. ^-^" Well, these are not new actually. They're more like repetition and re-creations of the originals. T-T Hope I'm not so dried up during the end-of-year hols. T-T

Anyway, hope you've enjoyed looking. :P

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Jammy (a.k.a the Panda) said...

hi, here is Jammy. I did went to art for grab yesterday noon, ya "stuff" really kawaii desu! Can I add u in my blog list? And ya sushi so cute... If I interested on it, can I order it from u? And how is the delivery? Nice to know u ^^