Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chunky Charm Bracelets + Kitschy Pins

I've too much stuff that I don't use. Here are some gorgeous accesories from Etsy.


Black & White Chunky Charm Bracelet

US$26 (RM90)

Black cherries + striped kitty + plastic camera + pearl white & black hearts + large gliterry black & white acrylic circle charms + black skull + buttons + irridescent little fish charms + acrylic chandelier + drop sparkly acrylic beads

All on a chunky black plastic chain with large silver lobster clasp.

Makes a fun clink-clunk when you wear it. :)

I got this from RainbowMermaid on Etsy. It looks so attractive that I convinced myself that I must have it. But then, I could never muster the guts to wear it, even though I love every little charm it has. T-T It's brand new and super the shiny and chunky. :P

Original price was US$30 (RM103), not including shipping. I'm offering it for US$26 (RM90).

Interested to own this one-of-a-kind charm bracelet? Just contact me via email (

Any questions, just ask me. :)


Vintage CHERRY SODA Bottle Cap Trinket Charm Bracelet

US$27.50 (RM95)

FIVE Vintage CHERRY SODA Bottle Caps + Vintage Colgate Tooth Paste + Gumball Charm + White Fender Signature Guitar Pick + Ceramic Playing Card Beads + LEGO Plates + Dice Beads + Buttons + Glass Ladybug Beads + Face Star Beads + Barbie Shoe + Ceramic Red Heart Beads + Vintage Wooden Game Piece + red, black, white beads

All on a chunky silver chain bracelet with toggle clasp.

Bought this from VintageNoveau on Etsy. I really love this bracelet, but again, never had the guts to wear it. T-T

Original price $29 (RM100), not including shipping. I'm offering it for US$27.50 (RM95).

Wanna own this super kitschy one-of-a-kind charm bracelet? Just contact me via


Dia De los Muertos & Mradi Gras Pins Set

US$5.80 (RM20) for set or US$1.40 (RM5) for one

Resin filled bottle caps made into pin brooches, acented with beads, glitter, sequins and cut-out graphics.

Got these from lesvieuxjours on Etsy. Love them (that was why I wanted to swap in the first place). But I don't use them much, but I do admire them all day when I have the chance. :P

Original price for the set is US$15 (RM51.80), not including shipping. I'm offering US$5.80 (RM20) for the set, or US$1.40 (RM5) for one.

Thirsty for these kitschy pins? Just email me at


Singing in the Rain Glass Pin Brooch

US$13 (RM45)

Glass art pin brooch featuring a boy in rain boots holding an umbrella in the rain, with a duck to accompany him. :) Measures 4cm by 4cm approximately.

Bought this as a custom order from lawatha on Etsy. Love it, but I can't find a bag to put this on. :P Quality and uniqueness is top-notch. :)

Original price is US$18 (RM62). I'm offering it for US$13 (RM45)


Email me at with any inquiries, about method of payment and mailing, shipping charges etc.


I've also listed a new lot containing ephemera paper goodies from KLue Urbanscapes, plus some pin buttons from The Sampler, as well as a mushroom charm cellphone strap handmade by me. :)

Have a look at it here.

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