Monday, September 8, 2008

Eh... I'm Burned Outthe

Yes. I'm totally spent. Just had a paper on Endocrine System this morning. I can't say I sailed through it. In fact, I kind of struggled with quite a few questions. But with luck, I might be able to scrap a 70%. Please don't gimme less than that. T-T Pweeees

This semester, I can't find any motivation at all to study and give my best for class tests. In previous semesters, I'll cram and cram and make sure I can hafal all the lecture notes and important excerpts from text books. This semester, I read to understand the whole idea only. Didn't go into details. A mistake obviously.

What is the hormone that causes excessive hair growth in women?

Damn it if I know the answer. T-T

It's either DHEA or Progesterone.


Then, damn the question for being so stupid. T-T Don't they realise that Progesterone and Oestrogen and god knows what all have almost the same spelling and pronounciation? *blond moment*

*Trying to ignore the fact that I didn't study properly*

Got no kawaii to post at the moment. Too tired to search for Etsy goodies. No strength to craft something up.

I'm getting old.


Sponsored posts are no good for blogs. I find that traffic seems to dwindle a few days after I post up one, and then rise up back again when I post about something kawaii. :P

We all loveth kawaii, neh? :D

If by whatever means inspiration suddenly gets me, I might whip up something. :P

At the mo, just let me rot in monotony, thank you.


Yokie said...

i'm on the same boatwith you.. no motivation at all.. i think i'm fasling every paper T_T

Sing Yee said...

Haih... But you didn't mah. I still haven't jumpa the tutor la. Cannot find one every time! :/