Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Long Spell of Laziness

It's been a looong week of lazing about the house. I think nothing of climbing into bed after breakfast, and sleep a good two hours, then waking up for lunch. And then sleeping again after lunch. T-T You don't have to see me now to know that I'm growing into a pig.

Well the best part about being home, apart from good food and all the time in the world, is my sis's company. We watched movie after movie every night, curled up in her bed. I love it just how her laugh makes me laugh. :D
Sis wanted to make tarts the other day. I helped. :D

{ Messy table... }

{ Egg tarts. Not bad, but I prefer the layered crispy type of tart shell. These are like short-crust pastry. }

In a rush to get to the airport the other day, I only realized it now that I forgot to bring back a few things. Among them was my whole set of polymer clay. T-T


I can't do anything without it la. T-T

I can only do felt crafts la this hols. T-T

{ The clay parts are made earlier this year. }

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yummy.. ;)

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