Friday, November 28, 2008

Felt Purins + Strawberries-n-Cream Cake Plush

Been busy crafting yesterday and today. Made some food plushies for a custom order on Etsy. :) I guess puddings are loveable huh? :P

{ Small & large purins + Strawberries-n-cream cake plushie }

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

I did the strawberry cake plush according to a photo of a toy plush showed by the customer. Even if I sound like I'm pasting gold all over my face - as my Dad would put it in Chinese - I absolutely love this one that I made.

{ The strawberries looks so shweet ♥ Especially the one with the adorable smile ♥ }

{ Lub yooo~ ♥ }

Lil sis didn't get to see the first large purin I made middle of the year. She was beside herself with excitement when she saw the one I just finished making, and demanded to camwhore with it. -_-"

{ Geenormous purin ~ }

{ A little silliness to brighten up anyone's day :) }

{ And then she took all the cakes and ate them. Almost. XD }

She saw some polyfill - soft synthetic fiber I use for stuffing plushies - on my table. And proceeded to pose with it, while asking me to take photos of her with the thing.

{ I said I couldn't see the thing in the first photo. So we decided that she should stand in front of something black for a contrasting effect XD }

The insanity had just started. ^o^


Marta Rodrigues said...

Hi, really kawaii sweets :3

How did you made the cream topping?

Tks alot :*

Clayevr21 said...
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