Thursday, May 22, 2008

Purin + Doughnuts + Enormous Purin

Oh... These few days, I've been lazing about at home. Watching korean drama series. Flipping through those boring channels on Astro. :P And starting making stuff with felt again.

Received a custom order on Etsy to make doughnuts and purins (puddings). Though they look simple, but I spent quite some time to get them done. ^-^"

{Little purin + doughnuts}

Oh, and the customer requested a large puring plush. It's not that big, but as I've never made anything this big, I found it a challenge. Not in a bad way - it was more like a learning experience. But to get the correct measurements, and the amount of sewing it went through - fuuu.... ^-^"

{Ginormous purin-san ♥}

I finally got those polyester fiber fill usually used in pillows and toys. :) A l-a-r-g-e bag of it (I think 1 kilo) costed RM14.90. :) I think it'll last me for the rest of my crafting life. XD Well.... if not, then maybe for the next few years or so.

So, the 'gigantic' purin plush is soft and squeeshay.... XD I love to squeeeeeze eet.

{I had nothing better to do. Hence the camwhoring without showing my face, with purin-san.}

{Oh purin-san. How I wish you were edible.}

{Le purin. Eeet eez mine.}


Ciyou said...

So cute~~ and this was huge. Didn't notice it was this huge until I see u holding the plush.

Sing Yee said...

Haha... XD It's huge alright. :P

Milkberry said...

LOL kawaiiiiiiii!! Purin-chan~~~ *chomps* yumyum *goes off to 99shop to get herself some purin* :9

Anonymous said...

omg! Wow Love them & What a wonderful job you did!!!

Sing Yee said...

milkberry, ah! I want one too! :P

angelia, thanks! :P Oh, love your site too. Kawaii~

Hello Kitty Junkie said...

very very cute! you're super-talented!

Anonymous said...

*GASP!* I can't stop gasping, lol. I'm going to write about you in my blog, I hope you don't mind...? Your creations are just too cute!

plain.jane said...

so cute :P

DinjaDONUT said...

That's soooo cute!
kawaii purin-san ^^