Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mushroom + ♥ Kawaii~neh!'s Sugar Honey Cookieland + Sugarlicious High Tea Plate ♥

Wu-ahhh..... I'm very pleased today. :P Actually, I was supposed to go out with some friends. But the laziness in me made it a stay-at-home first day of the hols. -_-"

Anyways. Why am I pleased? I got to play with Fimo for the whole day! Experimenting with mixing of different colours, trying out several styles and textures for those mini yummies I planned to make the last few weeks. :)

{♥ Kawaii~neh!'s Sugar Honey Cookieland! Again! ♥}

You can actually see some glistenings in a few places. That's super glue. I tried a different baking technique this time. Baked the cookie base till half done first, then pile on the goodies and bake till done. I saw one of the sites saying that this will help the pieces stick better. Apparently, it didn't help with some of the pieces being placed in positions just slightly touching the base. T-T Aiyah... Had to use super glue lo. Looks a bit messy ya.

The last two pieces I made, they turned out absolutely fine, with baking everything at one go. I think I'll stick to that.

The next piece, I tried a different style. I was thinking what other sweets I could make. Then I just simply make la. Who knew chin-chai also can whip up something nice? :P

{♥ Kawaii~neh!'s Sugarlicious High Tea Plate! ♥}

Wanted to make layer cakes and petit fours. But I kind of lack the imagination of how to make such intricately detailed things. T-T

{ ♥Nahm nahm nahm...♥ }

Oh, and yesterday, went swimming for the second time at Vista's swimming pool. With a couple of friends. :P I didn't know swimming at night can be such a refreshing thing. I normally swim in the hot sun, because can see more clearly in the pool ma. Yup, I still like swimming in the hot sun, especially when the sun is directly shinning into the pool. Wah.... Nice!

Then when I's home, I tried making a mushroom.

{ ♥Kawaii~neh! Kinoko!♥ }

{ ^3^ ♥}

{ It's currently hanging from my phone :) }


kirin said...

I feel like eating all of them.
The cookie, are they magnetic?
It's cool you can sell something in your blog directly thru Paypal. What about putting vanilla flavour or something, like an eraser. We have erasers of chocolate-smelled, strawberry, etc. and when I was a kid I used to like to use them. I always felt like eating them because of the smell, but there was a warning besides the eraser case, saying, "Do not eat!" (^_^;) L0L

Sparkle Thots by Ruth said...

wow, you are so good with fimo! i'm a disaster with polymer clay. yikes.

(oh i surfed on in from etsy. was so happy to see your stuff there. you are amazing with them!)

Sing Yee said...

Kirin, they're not magnetic, but I could attach magnets to the backs to make them so. :) Haha.... I've seen severeal sellers on Etsy with their polymer clay wares scented - vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, strawberry. Yup, they have that. :P I think they put scented oils. I have to research more on that though, to find out where to get such oils. :)

Haha... The message is cute. XD

Hey there Ruth. :D I actually had a few problems with some pieces too. These few are the better ones. The others are burnt. T-T My toaster oven's too hot and the temperature can't be adjusted. So I have to constantly keep watch on the baking.

Ciyou said...

Cute~~ lovely. I would want to make a mushroom myself too.

Oh~ On my blog, I'm using light weighted clay and resin clay. They are air dry so I no need to bake them. Easy work.

XUE said...

When I first saw the pics, I thought they were your cooking projects till I read on! Really cute! If you move to japan, I think you will go into a frenzy with the kawaii-ness all around. Even in a regular supermarket, you can find the section where mini-food for dollhouses, can be purchased along with your real eggs & milk!

Sing Yee said...

Ciyou! I saw the creams and ice creams you made. So yummy! :D So the resin clay is air dried too?

Hey Xue. :) If I could make such edibles, I'll be the happiest person in the world. XD Yup, I hope to visit Japan someday, and rob the kawaii stores! *muahahahaha!*

Stephanie meiyu said...

hi, I'm a started for polymer clay, i think your work is amazing. I am just wondering, if u know where can i buy glossy glaze paint to make my baked clay looks glossy? Is there any shops in malaysia selling polymer clay supplies? Because i bought mine from ebay and i think it's rather inconvenient.