Sunday, May 4, 2008

Unexpected Decision - Art for Grabs!

Phew... I was in an adrenaline-high state yesterday afternoon. I planned beforehand to finish off my later two lectures on Recombinant Drugs, and I'm so glad I managed to do so by 4 in the afternoon. That left me quite a bit of time for what I've been unconciously planning for the past whole week. >:D

I headed for the Art For Grabs event at Annexe Gallery of Central Market! It was a totally refreshing experience!

Until then, I was wondering why I've not come across Malaysians who are more interested in handmade stuff and crafting. Not the traditional batik-batik, anyaman bakul and those kind of handicrafts, although they are beautiful in their own ways. I mean something with the Etsy kind of vibe - fun funky accessories crafted from original ideas, super cool designs on t-shirts, bags and whatever attire to decorate on, weird yet attractive, one-of-a-kind handmade stuff.

Then I found a whole lot of them yesterday! Well, before this, I really can't say I've not met crafty Malaysians at all. There's quite a number of crafty girls I met online. :P But yesterday's trip opened my eyes and brought my excitement to top-notch. I'm actually seeing real life Malaysian people parading their handmade goods!

There were quite a number of stalls. I was too busy making my way through the crowd without being tripped over that I didn't really take note of some of the stalls. :P But I did get a very close look at Hugo Garden's booth, which was beside meiweihuang's. Gosh... They've quite some nice stuff! There's this puff cotton squares with screen-printed or hand-painted girl faces on them for only RM3. I didn't know why I didn't buy one, because I almost did.

Other booths I saw are musedarling's, cassettee's, and i felt love's. Others I can't quite remember their names, but their wares are damn the eye-catching one. :P I looked around for A Smack of Jellyfish - I saw Star's write-up about them with cuppacakes - but I didn't see them. Hmm.... They make super the awesome acrylic cut necklaces and brooch pins.

Well, I was in a bliss, walking around and looking at all the wonderful handmade stuff. :P While I was browsing, I saw on a several occasions at different booths, girls looking at the wares carefully, obviously very intrigued by the handmade quality. I'm excited to know that Malaysian girls are loving this!

This visit really changed my perception of Malaysians not appreciating handmade crafts. XD I visited some of the blogs of the traders, and discovered that there had been craft/design fairs and events held in KL, like those in the US! I found out about Bijou Bazaar, and Youth'08, which are past events that feature creative designers and crafters alike.

I guess there are so much more to discover!

I'm really happy that I decided to step out the house yesterday afternoon. :P Even though I've got a seriously torturing week of 8 days straight of exams to look forward to. T-T


Ciyou said...

I wanted to go, but too bad I was back at my hometown. You maybe can open a booth next time

Hugo Garden's 花果园 said...

hey thanks for visiting our booth at art for grab :)
hope to see you again in our next event


Sing Yee said...

ciyou, ah... it was a great experience. :P I dunno about setting up a booth though... Seems like have to make a lot a lot of stuff, with variety. >,< I'm not sure I'm up to that yet.

hugo garden hiya! :D Hope to see your stuff again soon! XD