Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lovebirds + Natto-chan

Wondering why I didn't update on crafting for a while? Well, it's because I haven't done much of it. ^-^" Sure, I was finishing up yet another custom order. In spite of that, I should have plenty of time left to craft.

I'm beginning to worry that this will again turn out to be like the previous sem break. I had too much time and too little ideas then. If it is to repeat, I just hope it will not last long...

It's really annoying that ideas strike when I'm trying to keep myself alive during my study break. And then I'm left dried up for hols. T-T I'm so fed up with this cycle.

Well, that aside, I tried making a cuff bracelet yesterday.

{ ♥ Lovebirds ♥ }

The underside is not that presentable. I folded the seams and sewed them near the edge (as can be seen on the front). But the seams are actually about 1.5cm wide, so they have a bit of flap in the middle. I thought of using red thread to sew through the middle, for both seams on both sides, but then decided against it. That might just ruin the perfect birdy pic. I dont' know whether you can make sense of what I'm trying to say here. ^-^"

And here's a kawaii glass pendant :

{ ♥ Natto-chan! ♥ }

I actually made this for the custom order I'm working on. Turned out it's not what the girl wanted. T-T I must say this custom order is by far the most difficult one. But what to do? The customer's always right *rolls eyes*. Ooops. Hope she doesn't read my blog? :P Well actually, I would have made another similar one anyway, even if she did like it. This one's just too cute for words. *lick*

*** I'm in need of more inspiration.


Milkberry said...

waaa kawaii! LOL Natto-chan. I do not like natto! Hubby likes it though. But give me tempe anytime man!

BTW how did u do the glass thingy? Waaa anata wa tensai kamoooooo!!

Spa Therapy Works said...

The pendant is too cute!

Custom orders can be a PITA sometimes...

Sing Yee said...

Ahh! I'm so sorry, milkberry! I read your comment on my email, but didn't reply immediately. T-T

The glass tiles can be bought off of Etsy, and the glaze called Diamond Glaze can be found on eBay. I've posted the pictures of the supplies in this post. I've also described a bit about how to make the pendants in this post. Hope