Monday, March 17, 2008

Glass Pendant Supplies + FIMO

Whee!!! Went for an industrial visit today - to Pharmaniaga, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. But that's not what I was whee-ing about. :P

I received a total of 4 packages today! Woohoo! And just as I was complaining about not getting them in my last post. T-T Glad that someone bought something from my Etsy shop, so that I got the chance to mail out the things, and then got notified by the lady at the mail service counter about them packages. :)

They've been there for God knows how long dy. T-T Haih... And there I was, wondering where they've gone missing to. T-T Hokay... I'm relieved that the 24-pc pack of Fimo polymer clay had made its way safely to me. :) Of course, I re-sent the payment to the sweet lady who refunded for the item earlier. Now, the problem is, I'm afraid to use it. T-T Not because I've not used it before. I'm worried that I might waste more than I can make nice stuff out of it. T-T And I need to find a good glaze for it - make it shiny and nice. :P

The Diamond Glaze I bought from eBay. Glass jewelry makers on Etsy are using it for their glass tile pendants. I'm really excited to get all of the glass-pendant-making supplies now at one go. Those glass tiles were from SweetStellaStash, and the aanraku pendant bails from RayDichroic. :) Now I have everything I need, I can MAKE STUFF!!!

* IF only I don't have a Pharmaceutics log book to finish, a Complementary Medicine presentation to prepare myself mentally for, a Complementary Medicine class test to look forward to nor a Pharmaceutical Analysis portfolio to chin chai chin chai complete.

Wish nia can chin chai chin chai complete. Contribute 20% to the whole subject. T-T Die die also must do properly lah. Haih.

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Agnes Sim said...

where u bought the plastic?透明的那個東西。