Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh The Natural You

What a cheesy title eh? Um... Actually, I also not too sure the how this word 'cheesy' should be used lah. *bleh*

Haih.... Even though our class tests are coming to an end (there still one more paper Complementary Medicine next week), I still feel we're being tortured alive. T-T There's this stupid portfolio to complete. It asks us of interpretations of pharmaceutical analysis datas : IR, NMR, Mass Spec and UV. You better not wanna know what I'm talking about, or you'll really regret. Really. T-T

Why is it so hard for me? No, let me rephrase that. Why do we have to do this stupid portfolio when we're not even familiar with the basics of each technique? I mean, yeah, we've had lectures and workshops on these, but to just dump all these information on us and expecting us to understand in a matter of a few weeks, when even the professionals take a few years or maybe a few months just to learn and get familiar with one technique is plain stupid I tell you.

Oh, ok, you may say this - "Go search for the reference books and read more about it la!"

Wah... Easy for you to say ho? I no need to study for my class tests ka? No need to do report on for that damn PCR, RE, gel electrophoresis ka? No need to cari info for PBL ka? No need to sleep ka ha?

I'm blessed if I even know 1% of what I'm supposed to write for it. T-T

Ok. I shall not continue with these pointless grumblings. You must be tired of hearing them eh? :P

So, here are a few gorgeous, just simply to-die-for necklaces from some of my favourite Etsy (where else? :D) sellers.

Haih... I have to prepare for my PBL tomorrow. T-T

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digital fragrance said...

ahhh i love your posts... all the cute stuff you have, made, and cook just so kawaii :]

you inspired me to make my own little... softies hehe, but they dont come out as amazing ><;;

well i love your page and hope to hear from you :]