Friday, March 7, 2008

BIG BANG + BoA + Clazziquai

Ah.... The days of fulfilling the duties of a university student.... Somemore... studying pharmacy leh..... T-T Can die one you know..... T-T

Anyways.... I got my order from Woohoo!!! :P This time, I got to use my $5 coupon from my last order. :) I return to the site time to time because they ship super fast and offer free shipping for any music/video products order above $25 (for Asia). And hence, it's a great place to splurge my Etsy earnings. :P

First off, BIG BANG's SECOND MINI ALBUM HOT ISSSUE!!! Oops... Forgive my using of caps here. :D I'm just sooo excited to finally have my own copy of the songs!!! :D ALL the songs in this album was composed and written by G-Dragon (one of the group members *smooches*) together with Stony Skunk (not sure who this is :P) a number of other people like Brave Brothers, this S. Skush and pk.

I couldn't get a picture of the inside because my camera chose to go haywire then. T-T Something with the lens I think, because the same problem occurred last last year in 2006. I so sien with it la... T-T

Nasib baik before this disaster befell me, I got pics of BoA's newest album The Face.

After listening to her other album Made In Twenty, which I'd claim to love all 13 songs out of 14, I'd been highly anticipating this one. I was not disappointed. :) The songs are just nice for a girl like me. :P I'd say my fav is My Way, Your Way which she 'feated' (is this the right term? sounds kinda weird.. :P) with WISE. I love the beat to the song. I can't say for the rest, because I'm still half-way through listening. :) LOVE all the songs! Perhaps maybe not for a few lah, like Diamond Heart and Beautiful Flowers. Too repetitive. My Way, Your Way, Sweet Impact, Love Letter and Best Friend are on my top list. :) Others are ok ok lo.

There's still one more CD, from Clazziquai. I bought their third album Love Child of the Century. You might have remembered that I have their first album Instant Pig. I didn't proceed to buy their second album because after listening to the songs on imeem, I thought it might not be worth a buy.

Ok. Oh, and another update... I've finally started to get active on MySpace. I registered in 2006, but never bothered to do anything to my account. T-T And these few days, it dawned on me that perhaps, as so many Etsy sellers have claimed, through my profile there, more people might come to know about my crafting and selling. :) Hoping it is so.

So... Add me as a friend!!! I'm desperate!!! *muahaha...* No, seriously, I'm trying to get noticed by people, so the more friends added, the better. I guess you can call this networking and marketing. I'm ready for an all-out online interaction. I've been using Friendster, and more recently, Facebook. Other social networking sites I've dabbled with a little here and there include hi5 and Tagged, and goodness knows how many others. My Friendster is practically dead. I only log in to wish people 'happy birthday' and to post greetings like Happy New Year, which is a once-a-year event. T-T So as you can see, I'm not a very social person. *bleh* Therefore, I'm hoping to make a change (online change). :P I'd like to meet Etsy sellers, indie girls, kawaii lovers and handmade people. Oh, and whoever reads my blog. And who ever wants to add me just add me lah. Hoping this will draw more people to my Etsy shop. *muahaha*

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guileless said...

hallo! found you when i was nosing around another blog. i'm a fellow fan of kawaii, and zakka, and etsy too :) nice to meet you!

and btw, you forget timothyadam's awesome camera necklace...keke