Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fused Plastic Bags

Ha.... This week has given me a much needed rest. :) No classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as Friday. *woohoo!!!* :D

So, I went to Sungei Wang to get my Canon Powershot A70 fixed... yet again. T-T Yup, it's an ancient model. That's the first digital cam my dad got after years using the film-strip type of retro cam. This is like the 3rd time I'm getting it fixed. Each time, including this, it's the problem with the LCD, not the lens as I claimed in a post some weeks ago. This was according to the shop person.

I'm not really that much into the techs of the camera. So long as I know how to get the effects I want and am comfortable maneuvering it, I'm satisfied. I don't use much of zooming, nor the thousands of modes available - night la, moving la, potrait la, scenery la, bla bla bla. Although it's useful, I admit, for enthusiasts.

Back to what happened, well, I'll have to wait for a month or so to be able to get the cam back. The shop will be sending it to the Canon factories for the technicians to service. The expected charge is RM50. Same every time. The shop was recommended by my dad's collegue. Compared to what other similar shops are offering, I think RM50 is quite reasonable. But seeing that the cam's been breaking down more and more often, I think getting a new cam would be a good idea.

I've sort of developed a fondness for my Powershot A70 though. :P Ah... We shall see...

Ok, so, some of the free time, I used to try out this tutorial for fusing plastic bags to make cool stuff. :) I have quite a lot of flimsy plastic bags in all shades of horrible pinks imaginable. D: So, I tried out with a few of them :

{Brain traced from a trace I made from a medical book back home}

The tutorial called for 6-8 layers. I put almost more than 30 layers I think. The result was a thick material. It's like those plastic name-plates with letters stamped into them. I dunno if you know what I'm referring to, but I can't think of the name for this right now :( Well, the plastic is thick, but not stiff like shrink plastic. It's bendable. Quite a drawback, I'll say. If it had been hard and stiff, it'd be perfect for making jewelry. Not saying that this pliable material is not durable enough for that purpose though. :)

I have an idea to turn these into banners, hanging decorations, or a necklace. :) I have to get some eyelets first la. Ah! The inconvenience of not being able to access supplies when one needs to. T-T

This is a great way to get creative, and use up those plastic bags stashed about all over your home! :D


dicope said...

This is really interesting ! I like that hearts !! And I have my house full of plastic bags ;D

Yogurt-kuncita said...

even the brain is so kawaii XD