Thursday, April 3, 2008

JSR #20 : Natto + Tree Stumps + Panky Chocolate

Ha.... I just came back from our 2-days hospital attachment in Hospital Tuanku Ja'afar in Seremban. Personally, I didn't feel it was of any use, except that we could observe what the REAL work for pharmacists is like. Lots of monotonous packing, filling, labelling, filling in patient medical details and lab tests. I think I want to vomit now. *bwuerrrrk....*

Hokeh. Not to bore you with more details of that. -_-" Let's proceed to what I got from KLCC last Friday while going searching for kawaii with yokie. :P

{San-X Nyan Nyan Nyanko A4 file - sho cute I nearly died on the spot when I saw it}

{Super kawaii cakeys on the left from Kinokuniya. "Sweets Factory" from Popular - got this last year. I dunno if I posted it up already - I have a feeling I haven't.}

We had lunch at Dome. Yokie recommended that Gourmet Chicken and Mushroom Pie thingy. It was the BEST chow I've had! Soups had never been on my list of favourites. This gourmet soup-pie is simply yummy, filling and will make you wish you can eat it every day for the rest of your life. :D That's how I felt lo. I LOVE the buttery crisp yet soft pastry cap on top of the soup cup. Mmm.... :9

Ah... I also bought myself a twin-pack of natto. Natto is a kind of Japanese fermented soybeans. I was extremely curious after I read this post and saw this video on kirin's blog. I was dying to know what this natto really smells, tastes and looks like.

{This is the modern natto pack - comes with a sauce and mustard in each. There are many brands. I bought this from Isetan. 2 packs for RM6.}

I want to show you the natto. But fdflickrtoys (a site I use for creating picture mosaics) is down, right after I created the one above. T-T Ah... I'll be editing this post.

{This is what natto looks like. *bwuerrhhkkk* When you open the plastic sheet covering it, you'll see extremely sticky strands of stuff stretching from the beans. The way to eat natto; use a pair of chopsticks, stir the natto vigorously until the lendir/mucous-like stuff starts to dominate. :D You can put the sauce and mustard before stirring if you want to.}

But lemme tell you the taste and smell, and what it looks like. It's really sticky. And hell, the smell will get you out of your own house. T-T

Well, it wasn't too bad actually. I expected it to have a really horrible smell, because one of my friends said it is an analogue of 'chao tau fu' (smelly tofu). I haven't had the chance to smell the smelly tofu... yet, so I'm not sure if the smell is equivalent. In any case, I could still swallow a few mouthfuls. *bwuerrrhhhkk*

I understand that some of the Japanese love this, and it's often part of their breakfast - they eat it with rice. I think it's due to the nutritional values. :)

Kikori no Kirikabu (Chocolate Tree Stump Cookies)

Price : RM7+

Weight : Says 2p on the pack, but it can't be 2 pounds because that's 900g

Found : Isetan KLCC

There are two individual packs in the box. Each pack's got about 12 pieces of stumps. :D The tree biscuit is nicely crunchy, and the root chocolate is creamy sweet. :9 *Loves*

{Excuse the glistening teeth markings -_-"}

Panky Milk Chocolate (Red) + Panky Milk Bitter (Blue) {Meiji}

Price : RM5+ each

Weight : 45g each (contains 10 individual chocs each)

Found : Isetan KLCC

Very creamy, even the bitter version. I like. :D Inside got crunchy bits, somewhat like tiny cereal, but not so 'holey' or 'puffy'. It's very crisp.


Ha... My sis, mum and dad are coming over to KL tomorrow. :) Lil sis is going to college. Ah... I feel so afraid for her. She's going to one of them colleges that has a reputation for filthy rich and notoriously couldn't-care-less students. I'm really worried that lil sis will be dragged into their 'culture'. But she'd made very ok mia friends back in Sibu - normal girls who love to have fun, but do not go overboard, and always put family and friends first. So I really hope she'll meet ok mia girls here.



Aneesah said...

Oh man, I can never imagine doing a job like that... =[ Can you? ^^; But you're already studying to become a pharmacist... surely have to work as one for a bit, at least? =(

I've gotta ask... what do you do with those kawaii stickers usually? x) They're cute and all but tak sampai hati nak actually stick them anywhere, right? =P I guess you give them as gifts?

And yeah, there'll always be those clique-y "high-class" people and more normal grounded beings, in any college. I'm sure your sis will be okay. =) (Which college is she going to, if you don't mind answering? And what course? XD)

Sing Yee said...

Haih... Yup. I've come this far, so no point whinning and complaining further. T-T But I have this thought - after my compulsory attachment to the gov hospital, the moment I find an opportunity to really expand my crafting, I'll take it. I have no inclination to work as a pharmacist for the rest of my life.

Kawaii stickers... I keep the all in nice boxes, files and such. -->Collection :D Haha... Yup, I don't do anything with them. For sack stickers, I sell off the extras. Nyaha...

My sis's studying at Taylor's, doing the hospitality thingy. I went to her apartment the other day. It's very spacious, and quite neat. I'm relieved. :D I won't be worrying about how she'll mix, because that won't be a problem for her! What I'm worried about is her ease of being influenced. But then again, I guess she'll have to fend for herself and learn.

dorinku said...

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kirin said...

Oh! You tried natto? Wow--(@_@) I appreciate your courage...
It was horrible smell wasn't it!?
Hahaha...your post gave me a smile (^_^)
It's interesting to know you were inspired from my post and really tried it in your life.(^0^)