Thursday, April 24, 2008

Peanut Butter Goodness!

Huuu..... I'm ready to pengsan. *flops over keyboard*

Went grocery-shopping yesterday morning. Was a bit reluctant to leave home because there were still more than half of Pharmaceutics notes to go through and memorise. T-T But seeing that I need to stock up on fresh produce, I terpaksa lah go.

So, for lunch today, I made pasta with Campbell's canned mushroom soup. :) I bought a bottle of mixed Italian herbs a few weeks ago. The herbs do spice things up and make them more flavourful, especially pasta dishes.

{Must put lots of cheddar cheese. Lots.}

And then I tried baking a yoghurt cake. Tak jadi la.... The top burnt to charcoal and the inside not quite done. T-T Now I know, toaster ovens are not meant for baking cakes. T-T I thought can bake things, because I successfully made apple crumble with it.

Haih... So, the peanut butter + condensed milk topping I made, I put on the moist chocolate cake, which I have some leftover.

{Oh peanut butter. How I've missed thee. I haven't tasted thee for half a year.}

Haha... The texture of the combination turned out to be more like a paste than frosting. My piping skills are still that of a novice. *bleh* Looks quite unsightly. D: Will try to improve. Mm.

Haih... My brain is totally saturated already. What do you make of this statement?

Interpretation of results :
If the sum of the responses of the group of three rabbits does not exceed 1.4º and if the response of an individual rabbit is less then 0.6º, the preparation being examined passes the test. If the response of any rabbit if 0.6º or more, or if the sum of the reponses of three rabbits exceeds 1.4º, continue the test using five other rabbits. If not more than three of the eight rabbits show individual responses of 0.6º or more, and if the sum of the responses of the group of eight rabits does not exceed 3.7º, the preparation being examined passes the test.

I had to read the passage carefully for 3 times before I grasp the meaning. What the? I don't know what to say already la. T-T This is the sort of 'text and literature' I have to go through while struggling to stay alive for my end-of-semester exams. T-T

Totally ridonkulous!


Milkberry said...

Waaahhhh!! Peanut butter!! Wannnttt!! Hehehehe kawaii cake!

Btw I don't get the bunnies. What does that have to do with pharmaceuticals? Muahahhaha but that's why you're the pharmacist (?? what do u call a student of pharmaceutics studies??) and I'm the graphic designer turned housewife LOL.

Gambatte Sing Yee-san!!

Sing Yee said...

The bunnies were used to test for pyrogens (bacterial debris/stuff from their cell walls) in sterile pharmaceutical products like injection solutions, eye drops and other IV/parenteral products. It's kind of cruel actually, as they'll be enclosed in fitting individual compartments where only their heads stick out and the rest of the body enclosed. Then at the end of the test, we have to see whether the rabbits show pyretic signs (kena bacterial infection inside bllod circulation and symptoms manifest) - eg rise in body temperature.

This we learnt only on a theory basis. We've not had the chance to actually run a test like this, as we only did the inoculation (incubate sterile product samples in nutrient media to see if got bacterial growth) test for the sterile products we made during our practical sessions.

Ah... Graphic design. I'd actually considered taking Graphic Design at TheOneAcademy, right after my SPM. I so want to learn all that designing and creating illustrations and graphics using computer software... But in the end I chose to do form 6 and ended up with a pharmacy course. T-T *GAAAHHHH!!!*

pavotrouge said...

I like your baking attempts :) have you considered getting a better oven? I only had a toaster oven at the beginning, as well, but you can get convection toaster ovens that are only slightly more expensive and work like a big one.

ichigo said...

sedapnye semua semua poooon!!! pandai u masak...!

Sing Yee said...

pavotrouge I don't think I'll get a convection toaster oven - I'm staying in a rented apartment until I finish my studies in about 2 years' time. There's very little time to cook, much less bake. T-T But I do crave for baked cakes and baked from time to time, hence some of the tries. @-@ The toaster oven I have now is actually the land lady's. :P

Back home in East Malaysia, where my parents are staying, we have a proper convection oven. So semester breaks and Chinese New Year holidays are the only times that I can really enjoy baking. :P

Sing Yee said...

ichigo... Haha... :D

XUE said...

Your baking/cooking adventures are amazing. Now that I have a glimpse of what you hv to study, I'm speechless. You study these confusing ( to me!) theories & still bakes, cooks & craft?!!

Sing Yee said...

Xue, yeah... that's how my life is. :P All jumbled and squashed between science and arts. T-T