Sunday, April 20, 2008

Moist Chocolate Cake + Yoghurt Milk Frosting

I'm running out of food stuff at Vista. T-T Specifically desserts. T-T

I was craving for something rich and sweet for lunch today. Hence I made this steamed moist chocolate cake. I didn't put as much butter as was required of the recipe - only half of it, and subsituted one cup of flour with Milo. :P Yup, I think I mentioned this in my CNY post. This time, I didn't put in 5 eggs. 4 was used, as stated in recipe.

I have two cups of yoghurt, which are supposed to be expired already by now. The labels said 'used by 15/4/08'. -____-" I was thinking about making a yoghurt cake when I bought them. But that tak jadi because I couldn't find foil cake pans to use for baking. Long story la.

Yeah so anyways, although the yoghurt was a bit sour, it'll still edible. Nothing wriggled in my mouth when I tasted it. Hopefully, I won't have diarrhoea tonight. D:

So, I tried making frosting out of one cup, with a few spoonfuls of condensed milk, a little butter and milk powder. I wanted to use the piping bag and other nozzles I got (for so cheap!) together with the star-nozzle I bought for making the silicon thingy.

The frosting's a bit too runny - can't make out the piped lines. T-T

{Dolled up with rainbow sprinkles = LOVE!}

Oh. You wonder why I have pink food colouring and sprinkles? Those are hardly things a pharmacy student would have while trying not to burst her brains with information overload right? I got them, thinking I could incoporate them in my polymer clay and glazing crafts. It proved quite impossible to do that, so that's how I ended up with such frills lining my kitchen cupboard. :P

{Oh thy shiny frosting. How I love thee.}

The cake is good. Anything with chocolate is good. :D The frosting is indescribably delicious!!! Milky, sweet, with just a little touch of sour. Mmm.... Just like Secret Recipe's Yoghurt Cheesecake, without the raspberry topping. :9

I have to jog 10 rounds today. If I don't pengsan by 5 rounds. T-T


Julia ♫°♪ said...

eiiii pandainya baking ! ikin pun pandai baking.. nurul pun terer baking..

i tak terer baking.. =]

tapi i terer wat chicken rice ! nhammm nhammmmm

* i tiru ur nhamm nham style!*


Milkberry said...

Oh that looks superbly sinful! Huhu if I eat that I'm gonna have to walk the whole day around Tokyo to shed the pounds LOL.

But it's really kawaii, those star sprinkles. Kyaaaaaaaa~~~

Sing Yee said...

julia, tak terer baking tak pe. Terer nahm nahm je ckup! XD Oh! Terer wat chicken rice? *drools* Mmm... :9

milkberry, yup, it was totally satisfying, but really bad! :D Haha... Oh wow... to be able to walk around Tokyo... *dreams*

XUE said...

it's hard to tell the difference between your baking creation & your crafting creation - all are equally tasty looking!

Carmen said...

I love how you can make even desserts look cute and wonderful!!! Yummy!!!

Sing Yee said...

Xue and carmen, thanks. :)