Monday, April 14, 2008

JSR #21 : Sasha Chocolate Original (Lotte) + PC Fair

ARGH! I just finished typing this entry and then clicked 'publish post'. The cable was loose and the connection was off! I didn't realize! ARGH! And there goes my post. T-T Have to type this thing all over again... T-T *Bangs laptop*

So, what I was typing about.... Study break's just started. After these 3 weeks, the end-of-semester exams will claim me... I want to die now.... T-T

Last Friday, I went kawaii-hunting with yokie at MidValley. We went to this toy shop and there were lots of re-ment cakes and desserts! I waaaant!!! Oh, and then, we had lunch at Carl's Jr. The burger damn BIG wei! I like! :D

And then, we continued on to the PC fair at KLCC. I had never attended a PC fair in KL before. It was quite disastrous for me. Let me put it this way. Unless I really intended to get something from there, hence my purpose, I wouldn't even consider the trip.

The place was totally jam-packed with people. Can't even get at the booths, not if you elbow some people and step on some feet first. We didn't do that of couse, but I was at the receiving end a few times. T-T I can't even see the floor, even when I looked right down - there's always someone's butt or backpack blocking - that's how packed it was.

And then ah, there's a whole hall dedicated to hi-fi and speaker sets. After coming out from there, I don't think I could have heard myself scream.

Despite the complaints, it was a worthwhile experience, although I was only too happy to get out of the place. Well, at least I know where KL Convention Center is now, and what it looks like. :P

Sasha Chocolate Original (Lotte)

Price : RM11+

Weight : 73g (16 individually wrapped pieces)

Found : Isetan KLCC

Yup. Took the chance to get myself some Japanese yummies. Bought only one though. Each chocolate is a rectangular piece made of lattice-strips of dark and white chocolate. Extremely pretty and equally yummy. :9

Oh, and my camera's back! Collected it yesterday at Sungei Wang. Should have just gotten a new one la. I saw one with 7.2 megapixels at the fair for only RM400+. Each time I get this cam serviced, I'm burning RM50. T-T

Bought some supplies to make fake cream blobs. Will be posting up the finished-products soon, I hope.

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