Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kawaii~neh!'s Sugar~Honey Cookieland

Haih... I'm so depressed now. Dah lah, I alone oni at Vista. T-T Somemore have to study like mad. T-T Seems like I have to cram everything in one module in just 3 days, as one of my batchmates said.


Well. Yesterday night, after torturing myself with Therapeutic Uses of Bioinorganic Complexes and Traditional Chinese Medicine (hope I can just blah anything and pass if got questions on this), I couldn't ignore the itch to play with polymer clay.

I had this idea long ago to incorporate the cream-like silicon substance and polymer clay.

{Kawaii~neh!™'s Sugar~Honey Cookieland}

The white cream blobs are made of Bostik's Kitchen and Bathroom Sealant (White), which costs RM9+. You can get it from any department store. I came to know about this from a post on ciyou's blog, which directed me to this tutorial. :)

I'm seriously in love with this cookie. :9 Got lollies, dark choc and milk choc and Reese's peanut butter chips, and also licorice candy. I personally dislike licorice candy. A LOT. Ugh. But I thought the colours would suit the whole thing. :)

{It'sh sho teeneeee...}

I've made a similar cookie this afternoon, but couldn't take pics because it was cloudy. Natural light gives the best pics. :) Hopefully, I'll be able to post it up tomorrow. :)

*Sigh* Gotta start with GI system. T______T


Julia ♫°♪ said...

awww this is so suggoi !!!

make one for me plssssss =P

Ciyou said...

very nice~~
Did you make the bisket using a cookie mold? Thats very nice. I have problems on doing bisket shape :(

Sing Yee said...

Julia, halo! I'm planning to make some for sale on Etsy. :) If you want, you can order from me directly. Just email me or leave me a comment somewhere. :)

ciyou thanks! :D Yup, I used a cookie cutter. :P

kirin said...

Sugoi! You can make such a small thing with so many decorations. You have some clever fingers.
I'm totaly poor at small things, for example, needlework is the worst thing (>_<) Keep up the good work. It's amusing to see what you make (^0^)

Sing Yee said...

Ahh... Those were a bit hard to make. Sometimes I had to use tools instead of fingers to transfer the candies on to the cookie. :P
Haha... I'll be able to whip up more stuff when my exams are over. :)