Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Post #1


I just finished reading 13 lectures on Complementary Medicine in 13 hours. Not straight 13 hours non-stop la. I not bit-cho-so... yet. Started yesterday night, all the way till tonight.

I learnt to late that I can't just cover everything in that module the day before the paper itself, as I initially planned to do. After looking at the module guide yesterday night, I began panicking - this module has 28 (or is it 27?) lectures - the most among all the modules. T-T

Hence the motivation and energy to study them lectures as completely and as quickly as possible. At first, it was just some recalls on certain topics. Then it was memory re-inforcing. And later on, struggles to imprint all information in my almost bursting brain.

And then I came to this :

(excerpt from Traditional Chinese Medicine lecture notes)
Liver connects to the eye and is associated with anger.

What the **** is this la? Actually, I was laughing when I read this. It sounds just too damn ridiculous. *snorts*

Well, the explanation was :

Each zang organ is paired with a fu organ and connects to a sense organ and have an associated spiritual aspect.

Wah. That's such a clear explanation ho?

Haih.... dunno how already la.



Milkberry said...

Holy hell! Pharmaceutical majors have it rough! Nevermind, you'll surely pass with flying colors!!

Seriously though it's like a huge array of studies from one end to the other. The bunnies question and the chinese traditional medicine question are like two different ends all together! I have no idea you guys have to study traditional medicines theories as well.

I will never look at a pharmacist the same way again, ever!

Sing Yee said...

Haha... The pharmacy degree course I'm taking does not offer majoring in certain fields. :) So, yeah, we're having everything dumped on us. This semester - pharmaceutics, pharmacology, complementary medicine (which is where traditional med comes in), pharmaceutical analysis (all the super extremely and extraordinarily boring spectrometric/spectrophotometric studies) and body systems (gastrointestinal and immune) complete with diseases affecting and treatment for each.

Hehe... Feels like I'm educating here. *gah* Sorry ah... ^-^" But the whole point of mentioning all that is, I'm trying to let people know I'm going crazy :

Processing schizophrenia - 70% complete