Monday, March 24, 2008


I must share with you this fantabulous, absolutely scrumpcious brand of jewelry and accessories. Some of you advent foodies and fake-food maniacs might already know about this. But just to share the goodness with you all. :)

This amazing thing I'm talking about here is Q-POT, a Japanese based jewelry/accessory brand. What is so fantastic about it is..... it uses desserts as its designs!

Disclaimer : Pictures in this post are taken from Q-Pot's Official Website

OMG!!! So cute right? :D I'm really impressed by the details and how life-like the teeny chocolates are. And the mouth-dropping thing about all this is, the designer is a male!

By the name Tadaaki Wakamatsu. And he's only 31.

I salute you! I adore what you do! Lemme give you a kiss *muuuuuuah*! :D Oops... getting carried away... -_-"

I LOVE each design, especially those with creams and strawberries *drools*.

See the konnyaku-like jellies with a strawberry, kiwi and fruit? The Japanese call this jerry. *tries to regain control of self*

Instead of jelly. *WAHAHAHAHA!!!!* XD XD XD

I find that excrutiatingly funny (yes, excrutiatingly - till I sakit pinggang from laughing). I once bought a Japanese milky fruit pudding from Jusco, and it was also a jerry. XD *OMG. I can't stop laughing...* XD

Ok la.... Very the sorry to Japaneses who reads my blog. Yesh, I very bad. *hungs head*

I want to try make such yummylicious sweets and desserts from polymer clay. But I think I need some rub-on colours, which I don't have at the moment. And some really sparkly rhinestones. Not to mention those cream-like substance, which I've yet to get my hands on. Oh, and I really REALLY want to learn how to make them strawberry slices *drools*.


Mikiye Creations said...

Oh My Gosh!!

Jenii said...


Oh how delectable....*SIGHSIGH*

pavotrouge said...

they are adorable!

kirin said...

I can see the head store is in harajuku area, which means it's easy access to me! I'll check it out sometime and let you know by my blog then.

Somehow there are many English mistakes found in the descriptions of Japanese products. I have realized that and always wondered why they fail to receive proofreading or spellchecking before the products are released in public.

oops, sorry for any mistakes in my blog...(^_^;)

Sing Yee said...

*Cooes...* I wanna bite into them... Nham nham nham nham....

kirin, wow! You're really lucky to have access to the real thing! It'll be awesome if you could get pictures of the kawaii jewelry and accessories. :D

As for Japanese's 'Engrish', it's unintentional spelling mistakes are just too CUTE! XD

kirin said...

Sometimes it's not allowed to take photos inside the store in Japan. I'm not sure for Q-pot, but I'll ask them and if they allow me to do that. Hope they will...Well let's see how that works (^_~)

I finally got it what "Engrish" means!! I've guessed in that way, but I was not sure until I read your saying. Thank you, I learned it.

Julia ♫°♪ said...

hope that one day i can make polymer stuffs like Qpot !! really adores those sweet stuffs too !!!! yummehhhhh..

i'm collecting mother garden items too !

do you know mother garden ??
mother goose no mori?

try to browse this link

-=[Neko]=- said...

hm..may i noe Q-Pot is under which categories in Kinokuniya? thx