Thursday, March 20, 2008

Animal Parfait + More Kawaii Glass Pendants

Ahh..... I in a bliss. Of pendant makingks. :D I cannot tahan... I tried to refrain from making anything, because the Complementary class test is on Friday. But I cannot tahan... Yesterday night, I actually wanted to study and finish off 5 of the Medicinal Herbalism lectures. I ended up completing only three, with my mind registering the contents of only the first one. T-T Habis..... habis..... T-T

I couldn't concentrate because I was thinking about them glass pendants. Just as I sat down and resolved to spend the rest of the night revising the lectures, I suddenly had this idea for making a pendant. T-T I couldn't resist, so after one lecture, I grabbed the supplies and started working.

{Slurpilicious Animal Parfait ~ Kawaii!}

I used colour pencils to intensify the outlines and shadings, so that the details are much more clearer and brighter. I love the way it turned out. :)

And then, I made another two. T-T

One of them (left) I've listed on Etsy. The other one I'm keeping first. I'm still not sure how these pendants will sell. T-T

Ok... I think I better get face away from the screen already. T-T


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