Friday, May 16, 2008

Japanology at KLCC ♥

Ohoho.... Today, I went to KLCC - again! - with yokie - again! *Bleh* Ahaha..... First, we went to Kinokuniya to look at some kawaii and japanese magazines and books. Then I bought the last two books of Philip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy. The Golden Compass was quite interesting. :) But I've yet to catch the movie.

So anyways, after that, we went for makan at Genki Sushi. I've never eaten at any Japanese outlets in KL before. Eaten sushi and bento in KL, yes - mostly pre-packed ones from Jusco or Isetan.

{These were some of the things we ate. Total of 11 plates I think, plus a plate of konnyaku jelly.}

The prices go according to the plate colour. Yellow RM2, green RM4 and blue RM6. First time I actually tried raw salmon. *Gulp* Er.... It's ok ok only. If you really concentrate, you can actually taste a bit of its fishiness. D: But I suppose better Japanese restaurants make better raw Japanese dishes. :P

{I was rather excited to see the conveyer belt :D}

And then, we went to Parkson - as usual - to look at the Sanrio stuff there.

{It's like a Hello Kitty nightmare! Ahh! Too much Hello Kitty!}

{Got other things too - Cinnamoroll, My Melody & Kuromi, recently just released in Malaysia SugarBunnies *I want this*}

{Makes you drool, but the price tag will make you puke. That's why we went to look only. :P}

Then I went a bit over with my camera.

{ yokie : I wan dees *chews le eares* }

{ Le kawaii hairbande XD }

Went and checked out the re-ment miniatures. They're just so teenee and cute.... *chomps*

{Re-ment sets displayed in a glass case}

After that we walked around, and then went to Isetan's supermarket. We had a look at the bakery too. :P

{I felt like robbing the bakery.}


Oh, and we bought cupcakes from the promotional area. They were selling quite a number of desserts, including Japanese green tea tiramisu (RM18.90 for a big tub!), strawberry cream pudding, different flavoured waffles, chocolate fondant, cupcakes and so on. We bought 2 cupcakes each for total of RM20. They damn big leh!

{Hazelnut + Chocolate = ♥LOVE!♥}

Enjoyed my day out. :P Next stop - MidValley. *muahahahaha!*


Ciyou said...

Where do u found the re-ment miniatures??

Parkson is my favorite place to do window shopping too. Especially the sanrio part. Very pretty sanrio stuff, but just too... expensive

Sing Yee said...

Hey Ciyou. :) Those re-ments are inside Parkson. It's just a few racks away from the Sanrio section. :) Each box of re-ment costs about RM14+.There's another specialty shop in MidValley. It sells Japanese import toys I think, because I saw whole sets of re-ment there. The shop is at the same floor where there's the entrance/exit to the LRT. I think it's beside or a few shops away from the puzzle world (or something like that?) - the shop that sells lots of jigaw puzzles.

Yeah, Sanrio stuff is just too ridiculousy expensive. A hairband can cost up to RM50. 0_o

bunbun said...

Looks like so much fun! I want to go to that bakery! I love your blog!