Saturday, May 17, 2008

Going home tomorrow ~

I started packing yesterday night. For most people - students I mean - when they go back to their hometowns during semester break, they'll probably just bring some clothes and some other things that they want to bring back.

But in my case, I'm shifting my shop stock and crafting supplies to and fro each time. That's why my luggage always almost go over the limit. -_-" This time, the load will be much more - wire findings, pliers, polymer clay, glass pieces and goodness knows what else. -_-"

{The dining table at Vista, which has become my polymer clay worktable + computer table}

Oh. And that's not a bottle of beer or soju, in case you're wondering. -_-" That's turpentine, for cleaning the glass piece where I work my polymer clay, and to clean fingers. The hell it smells. -_-" But it's an excellent cleaning and mixing agent.

{My normal study table is now happily free of books and notes. Now piled with gajimajigs.}

Yes, my study table is situated in the center of the room. I don't know why, but I don't like it against walls. Maybe it's because of the poor lighting in my room. In the center, the light is best la. Somemore if put near the window, cannot study at all one la. Can feel dust particles flying at my face one. -_-"

{I have too much junk. Just can't bear throwing away those tissue boxes...}

By tomorrow night, hopefully I'll be safely home already in Sibu.

See you then. :)


Aneesah said...

Haha, yeah, the bane of living away from home and having to bring all the supplies to and fro! XD I don't usually bring my crafty stuff here (takde masa to do crafts, seriously =X ), but we had art exam this semester, which included making a model, so yea, banyak gile all my collected junk I had to bring here. And that exam's over but they're still here. The stuff. In my room. Buat semak je. xD

Oh yes, I used to collect tissue boxes for a while, but due to "takde tempat nak letak"ness and "taktau nak wat ape with them"ness, I threw them away. -_-; Being a junk-collector requires lots of space. And patience. =\

Love your polymer clay stuff, btw!

Sing Yee said...

Haha... XD The same thing happened to me. I collected food boxes and any type of boxes, thinking I could make name cards and such out of them, or backing for packaging. Even my friends and housemates will save the boxes they use and give them to me. :P Now, I find that the junk is occupying too much space. *bleh* So, I'm saving only the really nice ones, with attractive designs. :P

*Polymer clay* Thanks! I had some serious fun making them. :P

Allison said...

Eesh, packing can be so stressful anyhow - regardless of craft supplies :] Safe travels!

lynnx01 said...

Hmmm.. yeah, my table is always very dusty.

Clarissa said...

i'd just like to say... wow your blog is full of fun japanese kawaiiness! =D

will visit more often, keep it up ^^

shambie adzhan said...

hahah i do have lots of tissue boxes and didnt throw them away, YET.. and gosh its piling up~

and i love collecting wrapping papers... u can imagine all the junks i have! i shud put them in scrap books but too sayang to cut them! :p

luckily me and my mum..we have our own crafty room to stash all the 'junks'...and my dad have to put up with us.. hihi ;)

Milkberry said...

Hi Sing Yee! Are you in Sibu now? Anyways are those colorful blocks polymer clay? Waaa where did you get them? Wanttssss~~

Sing Yee said...

allison, yup, packing is bothersome. But I think I've done it so many times during the past 2 years that I've become quite accustomed tot he hectic-ness. :P Thanks! I'm thankful to have arrived safely back. :)

lynnx01 :P So teruk la KL mia air. Tsk tsk.

Hey clarissa. Thanks for the compliment. :P Glad you enjoyed looking. :)

shambie, I think we crafty people have this very bad habit of collecting junk ya? ^-^"

Hai milkberry! Yeah, I'm in Sibu now. :) Yup, those are polymer clay. I bought them off ebay, from a lady in the US. :) It costed about $20 and shipping was $12 something. Quite expensive actually.

Milkberry said...

Alaaa~ Where do I get them in Malaysia? The polymer clays I found over here are mostly white. I can't find colorful ones. And you know, I can go to hobby shops but they'd be more expensive.

shambie adzhan said...

well Milkberry.. u can buy them from MarinaCraft, 56gram a pack for RM10.99.

but i think it will be cheaper if u buy them from craft shop. there's one at Balakong area.. here's the address;

Multifilla (M) Sdn Bhd,
No 1, Jalan 2/2,
Taman Industri Selesa Jaya,
Balakong, 43300 Sela


Sing Yee said...

Milkberry, I was going to recommend Marina Craft too. :P Got to know about it from shambie. :P I've come across a craft store in 1U, and I saw some polymer clay selling at RM9 something for 56gms. I can't remember the store name though. ^-^"

shambie, is Balakong in Selangor?

shambie adzhan said...

ooopsie, sorry.
didn't realized that the address was incomplete. i must have deleted the last part :p

yup its in selangor. according to Multifilla's website, their shop is near The Mines area.

and yes, much cheaper at the craft shop. But I live in Terengganu (no craft shops here, bleh), so i prefer online purchases ;)

i googled for other site, mostly are more expensive lorr~