Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Freedom Conquered AT LAST!!!

*Melts into a pool of relief*

I just survived probably the toughest, most insane 2 weeks of my life. I'm glad I'm still ok dalam jiwa and raga.

I won't complain much about the exams. Because if I do, you'll probably have to stay up the whole night reading paragraphs after paragraphs of them. That's if you have the patience to. :P

All I can say is, I hope to be able to get just a pass for all subjects. No longer is there that initial determination to score an A for every subject the course has to offer. Right now, I'll be painfully relieved if I could just pass on safely to semester 5.

Words cannot describe how ridiculously the questions for the exam papers were set.

For example, for Gastrointestinal System, actually there was no need for revising any topics on anatomy and physiology, nor the many disease states of the liver and GIT. None - I repeat - NONE of the questions asked about these, and these were what, some 10 to 15 lectures out of the 20 somethings? Oh, got one question actually, and it's about cholelithiasis. T-T

I should have just imprinted the contents of 'Anti-Diarrhea Drugs' and 'Laxatives' into my brain if I wanted that A. Stupid, I tell you! ALL the questions were set word-by-word according to the lecture notes. Hence, there's actually no need for me to study so hard out of my Pharmacology textbook.

My friend was like, "The questions not fair lo. How are we supposed to 'write in detail about Loperamide' to get that 14 marks (out of 20 for one of the essays)? The lecture notes on that only got one slide what."

And may I include that even Rang, Ritter and Dale have little to say about Loperamide. They blah one short paragraph on it. I think not even close to 100 words.

I think the question-setters have a problem. "You like diarrhea and constipation so much is it?"

I can go on for the whole night. And for the whole of next day. And the next. And the next. And the next.

As for Medicinal Chemistry, it scared the hell out of me. After the paper, I couldn't shake off the premonition that I'm going to have to resit the paper. Never had I even thought about a resit so far till now. Usually, I just happily throw aside the finished subject. Now, I'm considering bringing my notes home for the holidays. T-T This is totally ruining my holiday mood - agonizing for 2 weeks before I know the results. T-T

Oh, I forgot to mention, this Medicinal Chemistry is purely memorizing work. Absolutely. You can memorise, you pass. No need to understand anything one.

Well, I've done my very best this time, and I'm satisfied with that. Maybe not for the last two papers, because the prospect of being free in a couple of days gnawed and chewed and constantly poked me in the head. I had to literally tell myself aloud that I have to do my best - if not, I'll regret.

So now, I have only about 4 weeks of holidays. It's barely enough to even get familiar with the TV back home, needless to say make all the stuff I've been planning to make.

Ah... Whatever la. At least I can do what I like now. :P

Watch out for more kawaii in the days to come!

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