Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back Home! + Feb '08 Sampler!

Halo halo! I'm finally back home in Sibu! :D

Woke up at 4.30 this morning. Did some last-minute stuffing about my luggage, and preparing the Vista apartment for a month's rest. Took the cab at 6, and arrived at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) at around 6.40. My flight was due at 8.15. I'm always anxious when I take the plane, even though it's MAS. I have this need to be at the airport at least one hour before the departure time.

Normally, I take AirAsia. But this time, my dad redeemed his Enrich points for my flight tickets. When I stepped into Gate B6's waiting area, I felt a bit strange. There were too few people, although there's only a few minutes left till boarding. But then again, since AirAsia's bloom, I guess MAS has been struggling to keep up it's previous score of customers.

I entered the Airbus A330 (or some number like that). The flight was from KL to Kuching. There were just too few people. I've never been on a plane with so few passangers. It felt really strange. Yet I enjoyed the freedom of reclining my seat as far as it'd go, without worrying about the person at the back, because there were none for about 4 rows to my back, and a hell lot of rows to my front. And my seat was numbered '40K'. There were a total of 44 rows. Each row's got 8 seats.

{You see what I mean? This is when everyone's in already. -_-" It seemed like I owned the plane! XD}

{Woohoo! I shoulda danced down the aisle to the front. And back. And again on the other side. :P}

At first I thought the plane was for Enrich members only. But I thought it over again, and concluded that shouldn't be the case. MAS would go bankrupt if lidat. Siau eh meh? 20 people in an Airbus? 0_o

Oh! And I got the pack breakfast. :P I kept it for my lunch as I ate before I left for the airport.

{Croissant + salmon tart + packet of biscuits + strawberry yoghurt drink}

And to take advantage of the people-less-ness, I contented myself with some picture-takingks. :P

{The sky was like nothing I've seen before... *dreams*}

{Aw... You puffy wushi mushi itty bitty teenee weenee little clouds~}

Arrived in Kuching at about 10 something. Had to get the other ticket - Kuching-->Sibu. That left me about 6 hours to wait at the airport - the flight was due at 3.55pm. T-T I prepared for that - I had my laptop with me, and brought along a few korean movies my friend lent me. So, passed 4 hours without much boredom. :P The rest of the time passed while Iread The Subtle Knife.

I got reached Sibu at about 4.30pm. My parents were there to pick me up. :) I felt a twinge of sorrow for them, because all us siblings are away from home. But nevermind, at least I'm back to keep them company for one month.

As expected, I found a package from The Sampler. It contained goodies from February's Sampler.

{The whole schwagg - packaged}

{My favs - decoupaged necklace from Wasabi Brooklyn, and zombie pins from I think I struck jackpot with Wasabi Brooklyn. :D}

{Absolutely love this LippSchitt from The Lote Tree. Smells like cookies, caramel and freshly baked cake. Mmm... =9}

Am happy to be home, though it is very obviously missing my lil sis. The house is so quiet that I wish nothing more than to have her back here.

Later tonight, I'm going down to Sarikei with my parents. Have to help clear the rumput-rampai and lalangs from our house there. *bleh*


Tamahome No Miko said...

I SAY !!!!!! KAWAII !!!! I Love your blog ! omg I could hardly stop myself from getting hyped ! it's so very very kawaii !

And, the first thing I noticed here before the kawaiiness, was your photographs, you're an awesome photographer! I mean your photos are so breathtaking! I'll keep checking back here ^_^ if not for the kawaii stuff it'll be for your photographs ^__^

Milkberry said...

Sing Yeee~ Isn't it nice to be home? *Sighs and daydreams* What's the sampler? Maybe you can tell me a bit more about it!

Oooo MAS always like that! Most of the times that I travel to and fro Japan-Malaysia, OMG empty okay!! And people just don't care. Me neither hahhaha. I used to feel malu but I see everyone lying down and stuff, I decided to join the perks.

I'm happy because I get to sleep lying down on 3-4 chairs (makeshift bed LOL) and get all the bantal to myself! Then the cabin crew will come everytime before I sleep and I'll ask for milk. Hahahha mengada-ngada right? But it's really great to basically feel like you have the plane to yourself! This July I'll be flying with JAL plak, surely cannot baring-baring. Sure boring kan?

Oh, again! What's the sampler?

pavotrouge said...

the pictures are aresome... I hope you enjoy your stay at home.
I've been considering buying a sampler for some time, but then it's so expensive with international shipping...

Sparkle Thots by Ruth said...

wah, you really owned the plane. can change rows every 15 minutes haha. :P

and you are amazing carting everything all over. i'd be lazy.

Sing Yee said...

tamahome no miko, halo! Thanks for the uber awesome compliment. :P Glad that you enjoyed browsing. :P

Milkberry, it's a relief to be home. :P Haha... :D Having the plane all to oneself is kind a exciting. XD

The Sampler is actually a sort of promoting program for indie sellers. They run monthly samplers. You make some samples that represent what you sell in your shop, for example felt pins, in certain quantities (min 25, then 26-50, 51-75, 76-100 or 101-200). And you send (contribute) them to The Sampler. These will be distributed into different 'samplers', which will contain about 17 items from different contributors. These samplers will then be up for sale on The Sampler's website. Contributors get one sampler too, for the month in which they've contributed. The purpose of this is so that anyone who buys the sampler gets to know about different sellers and what they make. If the customer likes the sample, he/she can visit the seller's site and get to know more about her other products. This is a form of promoting one's shop. :)

I think my explanation may be a bit confusing. *ohohoh...* ^-^" You can check out The Sampler's website if you'd like a detailed description. :)
I got this sampler because I contributed for February 08. :) The contributor can actually ask that his/her sampler not be sent to her, but be put up for sale.

pavotrouge thanks. :) I've all sorts of plans for my stay this time. :D Yay... Go buy a sampler! XD You can contribute to get a free sampler. :)

Hey Ruth :P I slept through most of the journey. XD I have no choice but to bring the stock everywhere I go. Scared later if got people buy something, I can't send them the thing. T-T That happened to me once. -_-" Ahaha... Had to ask my mum to help me post it, because I left it at home. :P

lynnx01 said...

I think the MAS and Air Asia flights to Miri are pretty much the same. It just depends what time you take, maybe your flight too early in the morning, that's why less passengers?

Ciyou said...
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Ciyou said...

wao~~ now I know how sampler works. Just so much goodies you receive from sampler.

I have reply you on your shout out box about the clay

Sing Yee said...

lynnx01, I guess too, that may be the reason. After all, the flight was at 8.15am. But I really find it a waste lo. For MAS. :P

Ciyou, yeah, those things from The Sampler are quite unique. :) Some of them I like a lot, but some others I really can't think how to put them to use. :P

MaryAnne said...

I'm so glad you liked the wabisabi brooklyn necklace!