Monday, May 26, 2008

Oh Deer... + Keys and Venetian-like Motif

The weekend spent in Sarikei was not unfruitful, in terms of crafting. I brought along some cross-stitch fabric, and embroidery threads.

Cross-stitch was one of the first crafts that I took up, and it was during my secondary school days. I started out too big - I wanted to do an A4-sized flower bouquet, which had almost every square filled. It was so complicated that I abondoned it after only covering a quarter. ^-^" I guess I wasn't ready to take crafting seriously back then.

Back to what I made the other day.

{ Deer stitch on recycled faux black leather }

This deer pattern was from Cotton Time, a Japanese craft magazine. It didn't include the black outline. I thought the outline would make it more striking. I guess it looks ok, but perhaps the original would have been better. There's sponge between the fabric and leather, so the circle is slightly raised. I wanted to make this into a pin brooch in the first place. But then, it turned out so big that I doubt anyone would want to wear it. ^-^" So, it's just being a 'piece of craft' at the moment. :P Maybe I'll attach a string and make it into an ornament. :P

{ Skeleton key + Venetian-like motif mini pillows}

These two patterns were from the same magazine (Cotton Time). I like the motif (on the right). It'll look good on a bag or pouch. :) Both pillows have a silver string attached, though not shown in the photo, so that they can be hung like ornaments.

'What's with the fake flowers in the photo?' --> Well, these were scavanged from some of the bouquets my parents got from events, dinners and such. There's an idea to incorporate them into something I'm planning to make.

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