Saturday, May 17, 2008

JSR #22 : Koeda Choco Aki aji (Morinaga) + Kinikonoyama Kinako Burnt Sugar? (Meiji)

I stayed home today. Plan nak pi MidValley tak jadi. Something happened, and I don't wanna be emo here. Suffice to say that I'm trying my best not to think about it.

So then, let's take a look at what I brought back from KLCC yesterday.

Koeda Choco Aki aji (Morinaga)

Price : RM7+

Weight : *Can't see - not clearly printed* 4 sticks in 12 individual packages

Found : Isetan KLCC

These are chocolate sticks with teenee rice crackers in them. The proportion of rice crackers to chocolate is just right - not to dry with too much crackers nor too chocolatey sweet with chocolate. The crackers are nicely crunchy - tak masuk angin langsung *very good!*.

There are different information on plants printed on the packages. Got Acorn, Lotus, Sunflower, Hydrangea, Narcissus, Horsetail, and lastly original Koeda Chocolate. I suppose those are information about each plant, though I'm not too sure. As ever, I only reti makan je.

{Bright sunny orange. Exactly what I need on this lousy day. T-T}

{See how short the sticks are. But still enough to fill your taste buds.}

{♥Nahm nahm nahm... ♥}

Kinikonoyama Kinako Burnt Sugar? (Meiji)

Price : RM7+

Weight : 59g

Found : Isetan KLCC

I suppose these are burnt-sugar flavoured. I'm not too sure, but there's a hint of brown sugar, bitterness of burnt sugar, and quite a strong taste of the Chinese ' -- guo' *I can't remember the name - it's a type of dried fruit used in traditional medicine, given as a tea for cough and sore throat*. It's pleasantly milky too. :P

I went swimming again this morning. I love it when the water's clean - when it's just been changed. I love it when the tiny pool is not crowded. I love it when it's only me, and two kids and their aunty. I love it when I swim till I out of breath and the whole icy pool becomes warm. I love it when the morning sun shines through and lit up the whole pool. I love it when I baring on the water surface, with my legs hooked to the pool side, and gaze up at the borderless blue sky with puffs of white clouds idly passing by.

It's been a long, long time since I enjoyed such a peaceful moment. What... 2 years? 3 maybe? Well, I needed that today.

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