Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'm so relieved that I've passed Semester 4!!!

Now, I can enjoy the rest of hols to the fullest.

I can make stuff make stuff make stuff~!

I actually typed this entry yesterday night. But when I posted, got error with blogger. I so sien ledy. T-T

I've managed to finally work with Spalshup. ^-^" Actually, I think this new header is hideous. T-T The more I edited the thing, the uglier it became. Gah! I think it's because of the borders of the photos. The ones between each photo is just too obvious - they stand out too much. Gah! Well, I guess we'll have to put up with it until I get to create a better one.

These few days, I've been switching between onlining, watching Couple or Trouble, and finishing up another custom order. Though they're certainly a welcome change to my Paypal, custom orders do take a lot of time. T-T Nevertheless, I find that the more I make, the better I get with certain pieces. :)

Hah.... I shall laze about for a bit, for now. :P

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