Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nautical Pin Brooch + Graphics Help?

Nothing much to show today. Just something I made last night - an anchor cross-stitch, which I've sewn onto a faux black leather circle, cut from an unused bag.

I've also listed the Rainbow Bright Embellished Felt Necklace on Etsy. Check it out HERE.

{Added the dark green felt square, which wasn't there before}

You may have noticed some changes to my blog layout. The old navigation bar looks a bit crowded and all the elements jumbled up, so I thought of adding a third column on the left, to make that 2 side bars. The left for blog-proper - archeives, labels, contact and such. The right for crafty + kawaii links and stuff.

I've yet to make a header. It's hard to create something I want when I don't have a proper photoshop software *alasan lah tu - memang tak tau gune photoshop pun kalo ade :P*. So far, all my graphics were done with PhotoImpression (which comes with my Canon camera) and HP Photosmart Premier. I'm craving to try photoshop 'brushes'.

I searched for free online photoshop software, and found Splashup. I jumped for joy. There's a brush tool! But after almost an hour of trying it out, I began to get irritated. I just can't seem to make the brush tool work. T-T Clicked on the 'brush' icon and selected the pattern I wanted (5-point star), then tried clicking on the layer - nothing happened. Click and drag. Nothing.

Am very pissed off now. T-T

Has anyone tried Splashup? Help? Please? ^-^"

I'll be grateful too, if you have any suggestions for free photoshop downloads or such.

Teng-kyu. ^3^


Aneesah said...

Certainly looks more organised, having two sidebars, but I think the content column becomes narrower now, does it? ^^; Takpelah, looks good to me. :)

As for free Photoshop substitutes.. The one I know is GIMP. Tak pernah guna though, but lots of artists and people have used it in place of Photoshop and seem happy.. C=

Milkberry said...

Kawaii brooch!! Oh btw, I tried splashup (from your link) and the brush works for me. Errr... you did make a new file right? Or maybe you didn't change the color of the brush yet? Hehe just checking. Good luck with splashup!

Sing Yee said...

Aneesah, the content column should be as wide as before - didn't change the width. :P I only added an extra column. :P Maybe it's optical illusion that makes it looks narrower. XD Squashed in between two side bars, it should be. XD

Milkberry! Thanks! :D I tried it again just now, and it worked! *yay!* I don't know why it didn't work before. I did open up a new file and change the colour of the brush and evryfing. :P
Thanks for trying it out and letting me know. :P